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End-2-End Predictive Modeling Process (ModelOps/MLOps)


Following primary steps should be followed in Predictive Modeling/AI-ML Modeling implementation process (ModelOps/MLOps/AIOps etc.)

  • Step 1: Understand Business Objective
  • Step 2: Define Modeling Goals
  • Step 3: Select/Get Data
  • Step 4: Prepare Data
  • Step 5: Analyze and Transform Variables/Feature Engineering. Random Sampling
  • Step 6: Model Selection and Develop Models (Training)
  • Step 7: Validate Models (Testing), Optimize and Profitability
  • Step 8: Implement Models and UAT -> Go Live
  • Additional steps for continuous monitoring, audits and enhancement
    • Document Methodology and Models
    • Monitoring and Performance Tracking and improvement of the models and 
    • Make realignment according to the business requirements.
Predictive Modeling/AI-ML Modeling implementation process

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