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Kevin Adamo
CEO & Co-founder at Adamo Digital
Jul 20 2021
Nowadays, security stands as an indispensable indicator to measure your products' quality. All IT experts and clients (corporations and their executives) are getting into the era of DevSecOps with the prospect of trust-worthy data and code. We can reach an easier process of partnerships and share… (more)

Nowadays, security stands as an indispensable indicator to measure your products' quality. All IT experts and clients (corporations and their executives) are getting into the era of DevSecOps with the prospect of trust-worthy data and code. We can reach an easier process of partnerships and share information, or even create new business models with brand new services in the agile software development life cycle.

DevSecOps meaning

The broad definition of DevSecOps comes basically with the security-focused software development life cycle (SDLC). From applying the successful practices of DevOps, DevSecOps is the solution for several issues of the costly and risky traditional security measures. The security verification would be integrated right in the development process and stay continuously active, instead of being placed at the end of the SDLC like a secondary system. Obviously, the need for software security is indispensable, so your great credibility nowadays comes with the security posture. That why the DevSecOps pipeline is the foundation of the continuous-everything process.

DevOps vs. DevSecOps

As security is built into the product, not applied to a finished one, the DevSecOps pipeline provides a profound opportunity for agile software development teams to enhance their services. For example, open-source software libraries are the environment of the cybersecurity vulnerability. DevOps security works effectively to solve such dangers than manual code reviews. We can identify some outstanding benefits of this DevOps latest trends:

- DevSecOps drives continuity to secure your software deliverables: As soon as the security practices are adopted in the software development, the cost to fix unexpected trouble and the time spent for delivering software is significantly reduced effectively. Thanks to the automated security checks (included both unit tests and static code analysis), you can receive early warnings to keep relentlessly control the security vulnerabilities.

- Integrated DevOps security ensures the high quality of your products: It’s clear that the general DevOps in the cloud, with time-saving processes like CI/CD pipeline diagram (the continuous integration and continuous delivery), provides proper active testing and verification of code correctness. Plus, DevSecOps tools inject quick penetration testing into agile software development to save trouble further down. So, by prioritizing security as the dominant consideration, your custom software delivering service becomes more productive and reliable.

Recommended DevSecOps tools list


Security unit tests




Validating your defined components or small testable units.

Detecting security vulnerabilities in your own code and in your imported libraries.

Deploying and testing security vulnerabilities in your subsystems.


Works as other unit tests of continuous security.

Requires compatible programming language.

Interacts with applications from third-party.

Continuous security supports various choices, but security unit tests are always the top option for your first implementation. Moreover, the collaboration of SAST (static analysis security testing) and DAST (dynamic analysis security testing) is also worthy of a valuable strategy for your continuous DevSecOps delivery pipeline 101.

Although DevSecOps is not a brand new principle in the industry, there are still some obstacles in its application.

  • Firstly, changing the particular manner of users, especially the way they work, might take time in the first place. Even the best DevOps engineer cannot transition to the new cybersecurity solution overnight. However, adding security measures is not a big deal for the open-minded agile software development team.
  • Secondly, 70% of non-security and security teams face friction when they selectively integrate DevOps security into the software delivery process. Anyways, these negative feelings then faded and disappeared at the end of the assimilating period.
  • Finally, from the root cause of the two above issues, the delivery speeds are influenced by strange new practices. After all, deeper security integration still plays a primary role in getting early feedback for auditors.

The future of DevOps security lies in the cybersecurity vs. information assurance

The unlimited vision in DevOps security leads to several powerful strategies and excellent budgets. In particular, the DevOps in IAAS or PAAS in the cloud would become a safer version against technical debts in infrastructure or the lack of secure code-writers in your team. We can count on this cybersecurity solution to enhance the security piece in the enterprise space.

DevOps latest trends

However, the execution of this decentralized technology solution requires smooth collaboration between product development teams and the InfoSec department. In such an ideal condition of teamwork, the agile approach of the DevSecOps pipeline helps your team take the initiative in the developing process, no matter how many security professionals are involved in the executing silo. Anyway, the development potential of this thriving community is not only valuable in business' activities, but it also performs as the most significant part of the continuous delivery CI/CD pipeline diagram. Let's find out the contribution of DevOps security in the future of custom software development services.

Agile software development teams in the context of DevSecOps

Along with the worldwide transformation of API-driven architecture, security solutions can be implanted and active in every practice corner of different cloud environments. Risk management protocols are also one of the priority objectives of DevSecOps, to provide the highest and earliest possible standards for security and privacy. The wide adoption of DevOps development culture and the current security practices creates a lot of expanding opportunities in the industry, namely container-based technologies or micro-service hosting technologies. In short, DevOps security reduces significant failures

and breaches only when people get the implementations seriously and effectively in the agile software development workflows.

In the long-term forecast, we can believe in the high-speed shift of DevOps to DevSecOps, as well as the growing performance of custom software development companies forwarding cybersecurity vs. information assurance services. Because the DevOps in the public cloud is the gateway to DevSecOps innovations and adoption, the more companies start adopting DevOps security, the more responsibility for security this technology can handle for them. So, the human resource might be slightly influenced by this type of development process, which results in the rising number of people will be trained on security in dev and operations. In conclusion, DevSecOps is on the way to establishing its important role and potential application in several industries' angles.

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