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Top 8 Cloud Storage Gateways Tools

NasuniNetApp AltaVaultAWS Storage GatewayPanzuraNetApp Cloud BackupStorSimpleCTERA Cloud BackupAvere
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    We use Nasuni's continuous file versioning feature and it fully protects us. With the ability to version files and have continuous recovery, it helps in terms of resiliency. If we have an incident then we would be able to easily recover from it by using the technology.
  2. The solution can be used for all Office 365 applications.The solution is very easy to use and it offers great support.
  3. The solution gives us the ability to move large amounts of data to the cloud and it gives us on-premises connectivity. Additionally, the storage can be shared from the cloud to on-premise.
  4. One feature that works well for us is that the Cloud Manager is a completely agentless solution. There's a similar dashboard on both the versions for on-premises and the cloud, and with reference to the Cloud Manager, it's a little faster because there's nothing to be installed as such. Being agentless, it doesn't require any agent to be deployed on the targets where the backups are triggered.
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