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Top 8 Infrastructure Capacity Planning Tools

DX Performance ManagementITRS Capacity PlannerBMC TrueSight Capacity OptimizationMicro Focus Cloud OptimizerHelpSystems Vityl Capacity ManagementPrecisely Capacity ManagementHitachi JP1 Performance ManagementQuest Foglight Capacity Director
  1. One feature I like about CA Performance Management is the certification of the devices.The capability where not only the traditional SNMP information is captured but also the netflow data; who is consuming the data on the WAN, and voice-related information, is helpful. The voice quality makes it very easy for first- and second-line operators to see where the issue is, and who is impacted.
  2. The Forward Thinking scenario modeling is the most valuable feature. Using the tool, we've been able to model new demands on our systems and identify where bottlenecks will occur. We've been able to proactively address those issues and fix them before they become service-affecting.
  3. We ingest a ton of business data. We are an insurance company and we have business data, like how many quotes are done an hour, and how many policies are sold per hour. The correlation engine in the new TrueSight Capacity Optimization components are wonderful. We can do correlation analysis over months of data, and then we run models to tell our business: 'If you do 1,000 more quotes an hour, we're going to have to upgrade, and we're going to need this much more hardware.'
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