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    A great platform to import, manage and save customer data. A very flexible solution.
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    The flow editor is the most valuable feature. It is simple and intuitive, and it can guide you step-by-step.It is a stable solution, and the initial setup is straightforward.
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    The features that I have found most valuable with Mendix are its business process management and its minimal low code, both from an interface perspective and from a process perspective.
  5. Debugging using Application Insights is a valuable feature.It's a platform as a service, so we don't have to manage the infrastructure to hold the websites.
  6. It's an open-source solution with a very large community and available documentation.It runs completely flawlessly and seamlessly every day.
  7. On the market, compared to everyone else, they're the top solution. They're the best solution out there that I could see.The cross platform ability is a great asset.
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  9. The solution can support many languages.
  10. The initial setup is not overly complex.

Mobile Development Platforms Articles

Nishant Guleria

Mobile apps are one of the most essential elements of setting up efficient online businesses. Because with the help of mobile applications merchants can easily reach out to their audiences and showcase their products and services. Further, by the use of IOS mobile applications along with android apps merchants can make their services accessible to almost every mobile device user available across the globe without any hassles. This in the long run could aid developers in improving their profits and sales without any hassles.

However, creating an amazing mobile application is not an easy task It is - quite difficult. For this merchants have to do proper market research and understand their customer expectations as well. Moreover, merchants must also properly pre-plan their application’s UI and hire iPhone mobile app development companies as well. Because without proper UI it is almost impossible for merchants to keep their audience properly engaged. With this article, we will discuss the best practices for creating UI forms for the IOS application development. But before we dive into that, let us take a look into what are forms and the reasons they are important for user interaction.

Forms and their importance

Forms are basically the interactive parts in a mobile application where users provide their information to the application to register and subscribe for certain services and products without any hassles. The forms are a really important part of any mobile application because these are the crucial points for a brand to interact with its audience. And with the help of interactive forms merchants can easily improve their brand image, make their products and services look more friendly, and easily achieve higher profits and sales without any hassles. This in the long run would also keep the users consistent on the application as well.

Best practices for mobile application form development

From the above discussion, we can easily conclude that with the help of proper forms merchants can transform the way their users look at their brand and interact with their applications. However, due to rush and ignorance, a lot of merchants and developers tend to ignore its importance. This can result in poor user experience and higher bounce rates. To avoid this it is important for developers to adapt to proper practices for creating forms. Below is a detailed list of some of the best practices for interactive mobile application form development:

  • The rule of thumb for any kind of form is keeping the details compact. Nobody likes to fill up endlessly long forms to get the information or services they need. To make sure your form is quick to fill only ask for the bare minimum information from your users
  • Another essential key to creating an amazing form is that merchants must never use double layouts for their forms. This not only makes the form hard to fill but also negatively affects the UI’s quality as well. So single layout forms are a must for user convenience.
  • Also if a form takes information from the users part by part, merchants must also send a proper confirmation regarding the form’s progress. This will take the form’s entry procedure much easy and it will also decrease the amount of confusion as well.
  • Lastly, it is important for merchants and developers to create proper placements for label holders as well. Too close to the fields and the input process can become complicated whereas if they are too faraway navigation becomes very confusing as well.

To wrap up

Forms are a crucial interaction point for merchants. So, adapt to the above mention best practices today for creating awesome forms for your IOS applications.

Find out what your peers are saying about Salesforce, OutSystems, Mendix and others in Mobile Development Platforms. Updated: September 2021.
535,544 professionals have used our research since 2012.