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Top 8 Project Management Software Tools

JiraPlanview PPM ProMicrosoft ProjectBroadcom Clarity PPMmonday.comOne2teamWorkfrontPlanview Projectplace
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    Jira is flexible and accessible for the end-user. It lets users track their requests. The look and feel are good for our purposes. One of the most valuable features is querying because the jQuery function is very good. Additionally, we can create good designs very easily.
  2. I've worked at many different companies, and the customer service and the support from Daptiv are unlike anything I've encountered before. They far excel any other company I've worked with. I always say to people that Daptiv is like a sub-department in your company. You don't realize they're a vendor. It feels like you're working with somebody who is part of your own company.
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  4. The ability to break down project phases is most valuable. Being able to align the tasks and reporting with project milestones and progress is also valuable.
  5. The feature that I have found most valuable is the XFlow, that interface is pretty cool. The interfaces for project management, portfolio management, and reporting services are always helpful.
  6. It allows you to be granular, and send each step.monday.com is easy to set up.
  7. It makes it more fun to work with a modern designed and easy-to-use solution as a team and not add or analyze data alone. Internal, external, home office, remote work, desktop, mobile (available on iOS and Android), are always connected to One2Team.
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  9. Monitoring the progress of projects and tasks is very effective.
  10. Projectplace has excellent collaboration features, including some nice kanban boards. We use DocuSign, and Planview just integrated it into Projectplace, so that was helpful. And I like the fact that it links to Enterprise One, the other Planview tool that we use to manage our capital portfolio.

Advice From The Community

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Lisl D.
Hi, We are a consultancy and design business of 18 people and currently use Teamwork, Harvest and Harvest Forecast for our project/budget management, time tracking and invoicing but are researching as to whether there would be better options. We love Harvest but find Teamwork is not very user-friendly. monday.com and workflowmax look like possible alternatives. The main features of the platforms we currently use are: Teamwork project management - task lists Harvest creating and sending estimates to clients creating and sending invoices to clients time and expense tracking by project/task project budget management productivity of staff members (billable vs unbillable hours) invoicing integrates with Xero which is the accounting platform we use Harvest Forecast staff time scheduling by project What would you recommend?
author avatarPABLO CUOMO

I know both Apps, Clarity, and Planview, both are World Class solutions, depending on what you need to focus on. Perhaps the Project Place offer of Planview for small teams is better than boarding on PPM PRO or Clarity, both are on SaaS, had great consultant and professionals, but from my humble point of view, I try to go with one "great" tool and avoid integration.

author avatarsoftware923448 (Agile Software Architect at a computer software company with 11-50 employees)
Real User

I had the opportunity to review Harvest and participate with some demos in action, and I can say this tool is very user-friendly and you can accomplish everything with few steps. Regarding cost-benefit, it provides a fully functional 30-day trial and for $12 by person monthly, you can have unlimited projects and people.

author avatarAlejandro Paydón
Real User

Actually CA is a highly recommended PPM financial module and is awesome and very useful to plan and control project E2E capacity modules. In conjunction with financial, it may help to draw forecasts and get control over invoicing matters.

author avatarJuan Anamaria

We represent the Multinational Planview Leader in the Magic Quadrant of Gartner. According to your need I think it is best to use a product for the mid tier market that is Planview PPM Pro with a reasonable and low price, unlike Clarity we do not ask you for a minimum you can start with 18 users and the prices are more accessible. Regarding Harvest, it is not a product that is in the Magic Quadrant of Gartner, so I would recommend that you invest in a platform like Planview PPM Pro with the endorsement of a brand like Planview that is valid from 1989 until today, securing your investment for the next 5 years.

author avatarAlessandro Furlani (Monster Audio)

In Broadcom, we have a product called Clarity. It is the best Project Portfolio Management product. It can respond to a large part of your needs but not to the administration part like Invoicing because this is normally integrated with an ERP system.

I suggest you go to: https://sites.google.com/broadcom.com/src/enterprise-sw/es-solutions-products/business-mgt?authuser=0
and look if this could be an option for you.

author avatarAttila Mozes

Taking into consideration the size of your company, Clarity, PlanView, Micro Focus PPM and Planisware are all oversized for you. 

I recommend Jira Software (from Atlassian) combined with Tempo Apps. This Software is affordable, cloud-based and easy to manage.

author avatarMushini Surya Narayana Murty (Capgemini)

Zoho https://www.zoho.com/ is a good way to start with if you prefer 3rd party integration with other ERP/Accounting systems .. you can also compare bitrix24. https://www.bitrix24.com/alternatives/free-zoho-projects-alternative-zohoprojects.php & wrike https://www.wrike.com/compare/zoho-projects-alternative/

author avatarLev Gorbounov, MBA, CMA, CFM

My major experience is with Planisware. But I think it would be too expensive for a company of your size.

Project Management Software Articles

Product Manager at Orangescrum Enterprise
Oct 13 2021
After putting a lot of effort into project planning, suddenly you observed that one of your tasks took much longer than expected and during that time a new assignment pop-up. Also, in such a situation one of the important team members took leave for a few days.                         Source:… (more)

After putting a lot of effort into project planning, suddenly you observed that one of your tasks took much longer than expected and during that time a new assignment pop-up.

Also, in such a situation one of the important team members took leave for a few days.

the critical path method

                        Source: Projectmanager

But you shouldn’t let those events frustrate you, with the Critical Path analysis you can address all these issues.

A project without a critical path is like a ship without a rudder.” — D. Meyer, Illinois Construction Law

If something comes in the team’s way, you can look for the alterations without causing any delay in the milestones or missing any deadlines.

What is a critical path in Project Management?

A critical analysis is a method of project management.

It creates the shortest timeline for your project, looking at the tasks needed to complete the deliverables, along with the estimated time needed for each step, dependency of the task, and the final milestones.

It is a methodology planned to handle your project in an intelligent way.

With a Critical path, you get the idea about the tasks which can be a reason for the project fall.


Source: Planacademy

It will show you the timeline of the Gantt chart, and the task in the critical path turns red. The tasks that are not on the critical path remain in their original color.

No matter how good the team or how efficient the methodology, if we’re not solving the right problem, the project fails.” – Woody Williams

How do you find the Critical Path?

It’s time to find the critical path in your projects, but how?

To help you identify the critical path in your projects here is a step by step description:

1. Outline the Project scope

As you start finding your critical path, you need to break down what’s involved in the projects.

Breakdown the project structure into:

  • Identify the task: Figure out the details of the project, have a discussion with the stakeholders, and identify the tasks that are necessary for the project.
  • Put the task in order: As you get the idea about the task that needs to be included in the project. The next thing you need to do is put them in order. This will help to identify the dependent task.
  • Duration for task: To find out the critical path in your project, you need to figure a duration for each task. This will help to identify the longest path.

2. Identify the potential path

After identifying the project scope, it’s time to know the paths and strings. A project holds many connected and dependency tasks. So you need to identify these tasks.

3. Identify the critical path

To find out the critical path, you need to identify the task with the longest sequence. The longest sequence in your project management is the critical path in your project.

Can the Critical Path change During the Project?

A project has many series of interrelated tasks. The team tries to complete the tasks, so as to reduce the stress of critical paths.

The development in the project reduces the critical path in a task or it might bring a new critical path in your task. So, the critical path in the task changes with the development of the projects.

Can the critical path change during the project

The project scope either reduces or you might need to assign more people to your task. You can get more than one critical path in a task. It usually changes with the progress in the work.

How can a Critical Path help in Project Management?

In the present era, we handle many important projects. These projects are not easy to handle. It needs a lot of planning and execution.

Find out what your peers are saying about Atlassian, Planview, Microsoft and others in Project Management Software. Updated: October 2021.
543,089 professionals have used our research since 2012.