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Top 8 Static Code Analysis Tools

Fortify Static Code AnalyzerCodeSonarVeracode Static AnalysisReShaperKiuwan InsightsEmboldWhole Tomato Visual AssistPyCharm
  1. We write software, and therefore, the most valuable aspect for us is basically the code analysis part.We've found the documentation to be very good.
  2. The tool is very good for detecting memory leaks.
  3. It is a cloud-based platform, so every organization or every security team in the organization is concerned about uploading their code because ultimately the code is intellectual property. The most useful thing about Veracode is that if you want to upload the code, they accept only byte code. They do not accept the plain source code as an input. The code is converted into binary code, and it is uploaded to Veracode. So, it is quite secure. It also has the automation feature where you can integrate security during the initial stages of your software development life cycle. It is pretty much easy with Veracode. Veracode provides integration with multiple tools and platforms, such as Visual Studio, Java, and Eclipse. Developers can integrate with those tools by using Jenkins. The security consultation or the support that they provide is also really good. Its user management is also good. You can restrict the users for a particular application so that only certain developers will be able to see the code tha
  4. It comes with many features and supports almost all of the coding languages available.
  5. I have found the interface to be perfect.
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