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Top 8 Test Design Automation Tools

Broadcom Agile Requirements DesignerConformiqCognizant ADPARTSilk CentralTurnkey Solutions cFactoryQualitia Design Studio
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    CA ARD has some beautiful features which I haven't found anywhere else. For example, when designing or creating our test cases and doing scenarios, we are able to restrict our flows. If we take a data link between two processes, we can actually restrict it, so that, in production, if our functionality breaks down, we can restrict that and all the flows related to it will be removed from the test data set.
  2. The tool has the ability to integrate with various requirement management, test management, and version control tools.Though optimized and automated test generation is the core functionality, the product's integration with other tools sets it apart.
  3. The stability of this solution is very good. In our experience it is approximately ninety-nine percent.