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Updated NOVEMBER 2021

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Auvik review

Bobby Wittenberg
Bobby Wittenberg
Network Engineer at GNCU
Incredibly easy to use, cuts our resolution time, and automatically takes care of...
Sometimes, we get requests for exporting a map of the network. I can export a map, but it exports it as a PDF, which is basically just like a drawing. There is no context. When you're looking at the map, you can hover over things and you can drill in devices and see all kinds of information, but when you export it to a PDF, it is just like...
Wireshark review

Henry A. McKelvey
Henry A. McKelvey
Systems\Communications Engineer at NAACP
Filters enable traffic to be segmented so that a value can be looked at...
I use the filters very often, to determine what type of traffic I am looking for. The use of filter allows traffic to be segmented so that a value can be looked at individually apart from the other traffic. I remember one day when we had to find out what was causing one of the systems to crash. We used our system to look at the network as a...

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