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Updated JANUARY 2022

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IBM SPSS Statistics review

Database Consultant at a pharma/biotech company
Offers good Bayesian and descriptive statistics
I understand that we're talking about IBM SPSS Statistics, it's a mathematical tool. Fine. Everybody knows that. It is a statistical tool. Having said that, if they could make it a little bit graphical then people who work on IBM SPSS need not depend on other software, like SAP Lumira or something like that, for the regeneration and...
IBM SPSS Statistics review

Associate Professor of Statistics at KAU
One of the standards for building data models and crating opportunity for strong...
I like SPSS too much to want to make changes to the product in a major way. There are some minor things. The one thing I can think of that will be useful in a broader sense is that it may be nice to be able to add color to some of the data in sheets or reports. Sometimes it is easier for you to visualize results if you can use color inside...

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