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Updated NOVEMBER 2021

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SonicWall TZ review

Virtual CIO/ CISO at Kyber Security
Easy to implement, fairly stable, and supports SSL-DPI
We've turned the SSL inspection on, and it is a nightmare. It doesn't mean it doesn't work, but it will turn your world upside down for weeks until you tune it and get it right. That's an across the board problem. It's not just TZ. That's TZ's, NSA's, etc. Wherever you're using their implementation of SSL, where you've got to implement a...
SonicWall TZ review

Owner\Operator with 1-10 employees
Easy to use with a simple initial setup and very helpful technical support
There was one complaint I always had in the past. Years ago, you always had to enable the device. You had to go online to enable the device. You had to connect and do that. That was always a thing in my mind: "Well, why do I have to do that? Why do I have to go outside of my network just to do that?" Now, it seems to be less of an issue....

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