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Acronis Backup Room for Improvement

Information Technology Manager at PAV Telecoms

Over the years they seem to have changed the interface to be more of a graphical interface and they have omitted the ability to use the interface using a keyboard only. When you are in a data center environment and you don't have a mouse with you, or for some reason the mouse is not working and you need to restore, it is extremely difficult/impossible. 

If you don't have a mouse, there seems to be no way to move between the icons. In the old days it was compulsory to design software interfaces that were compatible with both the keyboard and mouse. You could press 'Alt-R' for restore and 'Alt-B' for backup, or something like that. Those functions have been removed from the product and it's very frustrating.

Another one feature I would like to see added is an agent to back up MySQL databases as well. They've got an agent to back up Microsoft SQL, but there is not an agent to back up MySQL databases.

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Senior System Engineer at avian Technologies (pvt) ltd

We had few issues previously, however, when we raise a ticket with Acronis, we have a local partner. 

There are some limitations to the backup. When the client does backups, we found some limitations when introducing computers to their backup - even just their site interface-level backups. 

We had some incidents with Hyper-V environments. When we scheduled a backup, they had to open up Check Point before they're taking a backup. Yet, due to some issues, even though there were no any Check Points solutions at the server-side, it was still giving an error from the Acronis side saying there's a Check Point issue. The client, for some reason, cannot take a backup because of Check Point. I'm not sure if this issue has been addressed in the newer software or not. However, even just yesterday we updated to a new system and the client still has issues sometimes. 

We had an incident when configuring reporting with Office 365. If the customer is using Office 365 through a cloud conveyor service, it gets a little difficult to configure the reporting part to get notifications to the customer.

In the next release, they need endpoint-level security. They say they're trying to build their system and product into something that will allow customers to not have to restore their backup. With more ransomware and other malicious attack protection, they could alert you to vulnerabilities. This is in the pipeline, or about to be released. I have yet to see any alerts as we just added the newest version yesterday. 

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Presales (Enterprise Solutions Architect) at a tech services company with 201-500 employees

They do a lot of maintenance. In the span of six months, maintenance is done at least twice and you are told that it is coming up, with apologies for the inconvenience. It's a distraction, and it interferes with the backup schedule. Also, it can happen at a time where some critical systems are required to recover.

I would like documentation or a video demonstration on how to restore active databases. At this point, it can restore pictures and common files, but we want to be able to support all kinds of customers so backing up and restoring active databases are important.

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Project and Services Manager at a tech services company with 51-200 employees

It would be better if they made it easier to obtain images for laptops and desktops. It isn't easy right now to have many different types of desktop computers. This is because Microsoft is changing a lot of things in Windows 10.

Sometimes the computers don't work well, and you need a lot of time to recover the users' information. It's also difficult to get the users' laptops to work with this because Windows can crash in some models, and it takes time to recover all the information.

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General Manager at Comtodo

We have issues with the SQL databases which are supported but not so successfully, it's a little shaky. It seems to tie up the use of the database, locking it to some extent. The big issue is that users are not able to access the databases when it's doing a backup. Some of our customers work around the clock and need continual access. The SQL backups have to work better so that they have MySQL or Maria support. We still use CloudBerry sometimes and it doesn't have that issue. It does the backup without tying up the database and it's still accessible to the user. That's something that Acronis have to improve. The other is the antimalware application, which is good in theory, but doesn't work so well. It uses a lot of resources and causes issues with some applications. That occurred when we switched from Webroot to Acronis Antimalware. In some instances, we had to go back to Webroot. There are some great concepts but not always such great executions. 

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General Manager at Dynamic Data

It doesn't support all of the databases. Maybe in the future, it could support databases such as MySQL, or Postgres, as these are some of the customer's needs.

We are looking for IT solutions to backup all systems that our customers are using. It supports Microsoft SQL and Microsoft Exchange, but it does not support Oracle databases or Postgres.

There are many other types of databases that Acronis does not support.

I would like to see more mobile applications available. It would be very nice.

We would like Acronis as an all-in-one, or all-in-box solution. It should be sold as storage, licensing, and application all in one unit. We like to provide complete solutions to our clients rather than having to tell them that they must purchase additional storage. With Barracuda, the device D190 comes with one terabyte backup, and no additional requests have to be made to the customer.

It would be good if Acronis could get the recommended hardware.

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Engineer at a energy/utilities company with 10,001+ employees

One of my clients is using version 11.7, which I feel has quite a few bugs and is not easy to work with. I always recommend that my clients upgrade to version 12.5. It is much more stable and better than the older version.

When an error occurs, the information is not always easy to understand and these messages should be made more clear. Because our system is not connected to the internet, we cannot use the incorporated links to the knowledge base.

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IT Manager at a tech services company with 1-10 employees

For some customers, it doesn't just depend on the type of product that you use, but on the infrastructure of the customer as well. Some customers don't have the potential or the infrastructure to support a cloud-based solution as a backup. That's why he had to go to on-premises and use a hybrid solution, which is why using SolarWind for our customers.

So for smaller companies, it's a little more challenging to maintain. But it's hard to say because you could have a very small company, but they have the potential of moving everything using a cloud infrastructure because they have the local infrastructure ready to support that kind of service. But another company may not have the infrastructure to support that kind of service. There are many factors for what kind of services are good for one customer and not good for another one, including the speed of data transfer that the customer can allow. That will determine if you're going to use a backup cloud solution versus a hybrid solution.

Actually, with Acronis, you can back up almost everything that you need to back up, including the engine database. So I don't see what else we could add to that solution for improvement.

When I look from the customer's perspective, everything is there. What could be good is just to have a simple package that could be appropriate for small companies who don't have the requirements for using the cloud solution. Maybe they could just have something a little more on-premises that could allow Acronis to do the customer's backup and then bring it to the cloud. That could be something that Acronis could try because everything now seems to be going to the cloud.

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Technical Supervisor at Index IT

The problems that we face are often related to the customer's network, although sometimes there are problems with the software, such as an error in the configuration. There is no perfect product.

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General Manager at Comtodo

We have sometimes issues with the child copies and other similar functions, but it's normal with any backup solution. We need to fix those issues first in order for us to be able to do the backup properly.

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Founder Director at a tech services company with 11-50 employees

I would like to have more cybersecurity integration to properly round up the product and its offering. In terms of cybersecurity, if the offerings can be more versatile so that it is not just a backup solution, it would be great. Some addition to cybersecurity would really be helpful so that it becomes a kind of a suite of products. Backup and recovery form a part of the broader security strategy. Its integration with other cybersecurity solutions would provide proper visibility to not just your cybersecurity dashboard but also to all of your backups. You would have a pretty good view of the entire security landscape that you are managing.

It should definitely be more stable, and it should support larger platforms. It can maybe support cross-cloud implementations.

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Director at Random Group Ltd

I'll be completely honest, it's a very annoying product.

The whole product structure is confusing. You can actually get to do what you want to do. But Acronis seems to have a singular ability to make things difficult.

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Technical Product Manager for IT Managed Services at a tech services company with 5,001-10,000 employees

The solution is on-premises and therefore is not very scalable. 

The solution already covers all of the requirements I need. I don't recall missing a feature or capability.

The solution could use a single sign-on integration that can default to the admin dashboard. Right now, it's only username and password. If you had had an additional two-factor authentication, this would be beneficial for me.

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GM at a computer software company with 1-10 employees

When you are using enterprise hardware and software that increases over time, there need to be better and more management features. For pure backup software, it is fine, but when it comes to managing a large infrastructure it is lacking.

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Co-Owner at Angels Dtp

When I first started using Acronis, I found it a little bit confusing when it came to the configuration.

Sometimes I have a problem where my settings need to be reset. However, I have been using it for so long that I know what I have to do it fix them.

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Technical Presales - Server & Storage at a tech services company with 501-1,000 employees

They can include something called a backup appliance. Although Acronis is a software-driven company, it would be good for customers to have some kind of backup appliance on top of a lightweight operating system. This will also reduce the cost. Currently, the customers have to buy the hardware in addition to the operating system, which increases the overhead in terms of procurement.

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Senior Infrastructure Consultant at FORUM INTERNATIONAL

The solution could improve by providing more database backup features and have better integration with many different types of databases. We cannot implement it in all of our infrastructures.

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Solution Consultant at HGC Global Communications Limited

We're based in Hong Kong and I think if Acronis could provide local support and some local consultants that would be an improvement. I've just carried out the trial on the solution and actually there is no technical support available for this product. There is also minimal documentation available and if that could be improved it would make a big difference. 

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Senior Operation Executive at a tech services company with 51-200 employees

The biggest problem that we have is when the antivirus is installed, the whole machine runs very slowly and some of the machines hang. We had installed it on 500 machines, but when our customer started having issues, we uninstalled it. It seems that it is not able to work on the servers.

Our customers were disappointed with this product and discontinued the service.

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Network Administrator at Hanatech

I would like to have more hardware space. It would make it better. I would like to have two more terabytes. 

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Senior System Engineer at a energy/utilities company with 501-1,000 employees

The solution could be better if some of the features were more in-depth.

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IT Officer at a pharma/biotech company with 501-1,000 employees

In some cases, at the time of reinstallation, some disasters happen. For the licensing on the computer the name of the computer and domain, everything is removed from the registry level. Then we have to install the Acronis from the start for it to work properly. Otherwise, the Acronis software will cause a lot of trouble at the time of reinstallation. That's where they need to improve the product. In the case people want to install the same software with the same hardware, it should not stop me.

Acronis Standard software should improve the backup log report. 

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Director at NVIT

The backing up of virtual machines in VMware and Nutanix needs better integration and the performance of the solution needs improvement.

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Learn what your peers think about Acronis Backup. Get advice and tips from experienced pros sharing their opinions. Updated: December 2021.
555,358 professionals have used our research since 2012.