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Question: How does Postman compare with Apache JMeter?
Answer: Which is better; there be dragons. They each have strengths and weaknesses, but neither is globally better than the other. One should ask what your testing strategy will require. Collaboration, simple testing with scriptable tests, and strong UX with minimal know-how Postman will excel. Additionally, it allows for mock servers based upon open API specifications for testing code. I find JMeter a better fit for complexity, strong scripting, CICD inclusion, simple end-point, total load, and performance testing, allowing test re-use. Keep in mind, both tools can perform all of the above operations. Can you provide some additional insight into your specific use case(s)?
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Find out what your peers are saying about Apache JMeter vs. Postman and other solutions. Updated: November 2021.
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We asked business professionals to review the solutions they use. Here are some excerpts of what they said:

"The recording and playback functionality is helpful.""A lot of things are valuable. It is free. It has a lot of features, such as report generation and integration with CI/CD, which makes it very competitive with the other paid solutions available in the market. It is a good solution.""The most valuable features are the integration with Jenkins and the reporting.""We appreciate that the solution is free to use, as an open-source tool.""Scripting with the solution is good.""JMeter is easy to use for a user who doesn't have too much knowledge of programming or certain languages.""The biggest thing I liked about it is that there is a huge user base out there, and being shareware and being Apache, if I have any question on how to get something done, I get 18 different answers. Out of those, there would be at least a few good approaches for what I was trying to do. So, the support system out there is most valuable.""The features that I appreciate are quite basic. It is easy to ramp up the threads and start calling the application. A lot of connectors can already be found within Apache JMeter, but we are not using the entire set because the integration between the customers and platform is based on HTTP. We are just going to produce lots of HTTP sequences."

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"We can also submit requests multiple times and it allows us to capture the response each time by using utility scripts.""What is most valuable for me is that we can create and share collections between the team members.""It is nice to have different workspaces. You have your personal workspace, and then you have a team workspace. In general, I like its UI. It is quite cool.""The interface and the different types of API methods you can use are the most valuable aspects of this solution.""The user-interface is very good.""Simple to use and you can easily store your projects.""The variables part is good. We can easily define the variables and we don't have to manually do a change every time, it gets automatically updated.""Postman allows you to incorporate and export the test cases we create. It enables me to share the test cases with my colleagues, so I don't have to copy them into an Excel sheet. Postman lets me export the dataset and share it with my team. They can use my test case for their testing."

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"JMeter output reports can be difficult to understand without training.""The reporting is not very good.""Considering the kinds of tests we are performing here, where we launch several tests at the same time as a batch request, JMeter is not the best tool for the job. Those kinds of things could be done easily with other tools, like T6.""Automation is difficult in JMeter.""The interface could be made more user-friendly.""It should start supporting the presentation layer. It currently provides performance testing specifically at the application and API level. It can be extended to the presentation layer, which includes mainly Angular and React frameworks. It should also be easy to use and easy to train people.""The installation needs some work. It could be simplified.""They can improve it a little bit in terms of distribution load testing. We struggled with it during the distribution. In terms of reporting, runtime monitoring is not currently included, and it should be included. They can also improve it on the reporting side in terms of the comparison of the reports. They can also focus more on integration with CI/CD. Currently, people are using their own customized tools. It would be nice if Apache can provide some standard tools and procedures for integration with CI/CD tools like DPR. There are some tools, but it would be nice if official standard tools and procedures are available."

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"Could be more user friendly.""An area that needs some improvement would be to allow multiple windows with different collections to be open at the same time.""If we have a certain build on one machine it won't work with another build even if we are using the same URL. It would give us a connection refuse. So developing environment compatibility would make it better.""The solution is quite complex partly because the UI needs simplification.""I would like that if you click on one of the fields you should be able to see the entire row of fields, names, and values.""To get this email reporting function, we have to integrate Postman with Newman. If the two are not integrated, we won't be getting all these things in one group.""The pricing should be adjusted for the Pro plan.""Testing API is pretty straightforward in Postman, but it falls short when testing web services. For example, when we test web services, there is a visual component that we can import in SoapUI but not in Postman."

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Pricing and Cost Advice
"We are using the free version, and if required, we can easily switch to the other version.""When comparing the price with Load Runner, and if the cost is an issue then JMeter is a better choice""I haven't looked into it. Most of our projects are nonprofit or grant-based. Everything is public commons, so we don't really have to worry about that so much.""In terms of open-source adoption, it is completely free.""This is an open-source product.""I was using the free version of the software."

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"Its price is moderate as compared to other competitors. The version that we are using is not open source, so it is not free.""We are using the free version that is available."

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552,305 professionals have used our research since 2012.
Answers from the Community
Netanya Carmi
author avatarArif Ahmed
Real User

Postman is for API verification. It can be used for inspections of API as well.  

JMeter is mainly used for performance tests - such as a load or stress test. Both tools have different perspectives, however API calls can be intersected between them.

Questions from the Community
Top Answer: Postman lets you easily define variables, which then get updated automatically. This is a huge time-saver and makes processes very efficient. We can also export the test cases we create and share them… more »
Top Answer: Blazemeter is a continuous testing platform that provides scriptless test automation. It unifies functional and performance testing, enabling users to monitor and test public and private APIs. We… more »
Top Answer: We appreciate that the solution is free to use, as an open-source tool.
Top Answer: It is nice to have different workspaces. You have your personal workspace, and then you have a team workspace. In general, I like its UI. It is quite cool.
Top Answer: Its price is moderate as compared to other competitors. The version that we are using is not open source, so it is not free.
Top Answer: I have recently noticed that, for some reason, I am not able to import collections in JSON. It is weird because I was able to do it before. When you create a new collection and documentation, in… more »
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Apache JMeter may be used to test performance both on static and dynamic resources, Web dynamic applications. It can be used to simulate a heavy load on a server, group of servers, network or object to test its strength or to analyze overall performance under different load types.

Postman's Tools Support Every Stage of the API Lifecycle. Through design, testing and full production, Postman is there for faster, easier API development - without the chaos.

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Find out what your peers are saying about Apache JMeter vs. Postman and other solutions. Updated: November 2021.
552,305 professionals have used our research since 2012.

Apache JMeter is ranked 4th in API Testing Tools with 16 reviews while Postman is ranked 5th in API Testing Tools with 11 reviews. Apache JMeter is rated 7.6, while Postman is rated 8.0. The top reviewer of Apache JMeter writes "Easy to learn, and free to use but could be more user-friendly". On the other hand, the top reviewer of Postman writes "Easy to use with strong reporting features". Apache JMeter is most compared with BlazeMeter, Micro Focus LoadRunner Professional, ReadyAPI, Tricentis NeoLoad and Katalon Studio, whereas Postman is most compared with SoapUI Pro, Katalon Studio, Tricentis Tosca, Apigee and Parasoft SOAtest. See our Apache JMeter vs. Postman report.

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