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Citrix Hypervisor vs Proxmox VE comparison

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Find out what your peers are saying about Citrix Hypervisor vs. Proxmox VE and other solutions. Updated: January 2022.
564,599 professionals have used our research since 2012.
Quotes From Members
We asked business professionals to review the solutions they use.
Here are some excerpts of what they said:
"Installing Hypervisor is really simple. It's the simplest setup I've ever done before. We used a team to deploy it, and it doesn't take much time, like two or three hours tops.""The solution's security is its most valuable aspect.""The continued uptime of our virtual machines is good.""The ability to move a virtual machine while it is running is a big advantage.""Scripting can automate procedures.""The compatibility of the solution is its most valuable feature. It's compatible on almost every cloud these days.""Citrix Hypervisor integrates easily and I can manage the infrastructure better. If I need to take a machine down to expand the hard drive, I do not have to physically be here. I do not need to order new equipment or new hard drives. I can shut it down, increase the drive space and bring it back up.""Ability to move your virtual machines from one host to another."

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"The affordability of the solution is the product's most valuable aspect.""It is easy to deploy.""That the product is free and still has all the features you expect is a huge benefit.""The initial setup is straightforward.""The feature that I have found most valuable is that its storage container, LVM, and everything else work out of the box.""We are happy with Proxmox VE. We use it as part of a cluster.""The solution is extremely scalable.""Proxmox VE is simple to use and it is feature rich. The fact is that it performs,"

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"The main problem with Citrix Hypervisor is getting readily available backup solutions for it. It would be wonderful if Hypervisor were better integrated with third-party backup solutions.""It needs to have a more robust backup solution.""You need a licensed account to look up technical support.""The solution should be more flexible and allow for greater customization.""I am not very sure about how flexible Citrix Hypervisor is with different types of infrastructures. I only know it is flexible with Nutanix, but I am not sure if it is also flexible with others. They can make its integration with other platforms or OEMs easy. They should also make it easy for users to manage their infrastructure. Citrix should make compatibility information related to a hypervisor easily available in a datasheet. Citrix isn't really recognized in this part of the world, and they need to expand their solution and make it more available. There are a lot of customers and companies that are looking for a solution like Citrix, and it should be available in this part of the world. They need to educate people more. Technically, it is good and flexible and has good ability, but it is not as much known as VMware or Microsoft. Their support should also be improved. Currently, if you don't have an updated version, they will not give you the attention.""Integration with other vendors and other applications could be improved.""The solution is only in English. It would be ideal if it was in Portuguese.""Overall, I can't think of a feature that is lacking. We've been pretty satisfied overall."

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"It's one of those things for me to move things on to the cloud. It's not so easy. I am always on the laptop and have to monitor that because if you want to make strides; you need to stay online.""The facility of deployment is an area that needs to improve.""It could have more security updates such as when a new threat is coming into market.""The product is still a little young so it is maturing, but new features are coming out all the time.""I can't speak to any improvements. It is not lacking features.""There are some things that need to be done using the command-line interface, and these should be moved into the web-based interface.""The only disadvantage of Proxmox VE is that it is a young solution so it does have some bugs.""The Windows drivers could be easier (unlike manually installing Ballon, QEMU and optionally SPICE, VIRTio, etc.)"

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Pricing and Cost Advice
  • "Citrix is a good low-cost alternative to VMware, so if budgeting is an issue then I would recommend it."
  • "The licensing is straight forward based on usage and features."
  • "I am fine with their license support. What we have right now is permanent, so I don't have a problem with their license."
  • "There is a license required to use this solution. You need a license on every server, but the license is more for support than anything else. The cost is not expensive, it is a fraction of the cost of VMware. When you look at the cost overall and features, Citrix Hypervisor has a very attractive offering."
  • "The cost of this product is not high."
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  • "Zero - this is a free solution."
  • "The only thing you pay for is support and it is between $2,500 and $3,000 a year. It depends on the support plan you choose. Support is optional."
  • "I am not aware of the licensing cost, but there is a cost for support."
  • "It's an open-source solution that can be used free of cost."
  • "Because I'm using Proxmox VE for personal use and it's an AGPL license project, I can use it at home for free."
  • "Proxmox is free."
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    564,599 professionals have used our research since 2012.
    Questions from the Community
    Top Answer: 
    The main problem with Citrix Hypervisor is getting readily available backup solutions for it. It would be wonderful if Hypervisor were better integrated with third-party backup solutions.
    Top Answer: 
    For me the biggest impact is the cost of licensing in the case of VMware despite its overall intuitiveness and ease of handling and management. However, KVM-based Open Source solutions are becoming… more »
    Top Answer: 
    One of the best things about Proxmox VE is that it is open-source and very inexpensive. You get all of the same features as with the more well-known products. Proxmox VE is very easy to deploy - it… more »
    Top Answer: 
    I use Proxmox VE and have been very happy with it. In my opinion, it is a complete and stable solution with excellent tools for managing servers. It has a lot of different features, and I also love… more »
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    Citrix Hypervisor is a leading virtualization management platform optimized for application, desktop and server virtualization infrastructures. Consolidation and containment of workloads on Citrix Hypervisor enables organizations of any vertical or size to transform their business IT compute infrastructures.

    Proxmox VE is a complete virtualization management solution for servers.

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    Find out what your peers are saying about Citrix Hypervisor vs. Proxmox VE and other solutions. Updated: January 2022.
    564,599 professionals have used our research since 2012.

    Citrix Hypervisor is ranked 6th in Server Virtualization Software with 14 reviews while Proxmox VE is ranked 2nd in Server Virtualization Software with 19 reviews. Citrix Hypervisor is rated 8.2, while Proxmox VE is rated 8.6. The top reviewer of Citrix Hypervisor writes "The ability to move a VM while it is still running and continue doing maintenance work is a big advantage". On the other hand, the top reviewer of Proxmox VE writes "Rivaling the stiffest and competition in its category this solution suffers only from being young". Citrix Hypervisor is most compared with Hyper-V, KVM, VMware vSphere, Oracle VM VirtualBox and Oracle VM, whereas Proxmox VE is most compared with Hyper-V, KVM, Oracle VM VirtualBox, VMware vSphere and Nutanix AHV. See our Citrix Hypervisor vs. Proxmox VE report.

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