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Question: Which software would you recommend for enterprise backup -- Commvault or Veritas Netbackup?
Answer: Neither. I Suggest Veeam
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Find out what your peers are saying about Commvault vs. Veritas Backup Exec and other solutions. Updated: November 2021.
552,695 professionals have used our research since 2012.
Quotes From Members

We asked business professionals to review the solutions they use. Here are some excerpts of what they said:

"The most valuable features are the ease of use, the graphical interface, and it's high speed.""We recommend this product for people who are running the Oracle Virtualization Manager.""They have a strong development team and are market leaders in the space.""The solution’s user interface for managing the on-prem environment is good.""The solution provides us with a single platform to move, manage, and recover our data across on-premise locations. Some of the guys have been using it to move a virtual machine from VMware to the Microsoft solution, Hyper-V. They back it up and then they restore to the different virtual machine provider, and that works great.""Commvault gives us a single platform to manage and recover our data. Since we are a research organization, backup is one of the most critical parts of our IT operations and services. Internally, we run it as a managed service, and there is a single console that makes it easy for management to see the performance.""We can use it on-premises and in the cloud.""We have VMware, Hyper-V, Oracle, and Microsoft SQL. We have a lot of different systems, and all of them are supported under one licensing agreement. That's one of the benefits."

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"The solution is stable.""It has good stability. Its interface is very good, responsive, and easy for restoring data. I use it for backup, encryption, and restore operations, and it works. I am using many agents from VM to LMDP. I also use an agent for SQL Server, which has advanced options because it is the Enterprise version.""This is a very flexible product, which allows you to back up not only the physical environment but also the cloud environment.""The interface for this solution is excellent, and it is easy to restore files compared to other solutions.""The ease-of-use in general is great.""This solution is not complex and you do not have to be too technical to use it.""It's quite stable, and so far, we have had no technical issues with Veritas Backup Exec.""Good open file option feature, SQL agent, and EM agent."

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"I would like to see a more user-friendly GUI.""I would like them not to push Command Center. It is good, but I would like them to enable all the features for the Java console. Some things are not in the Java console, like Office 365 agents. In fact, they are there, but one of the engineers had to show me how to configure it. It's not done the same as in the Command Center.""Its dashboard could be improved to provide a summarized version of all the jobs instead of having to go through each one of them. We should easily be able to glance at all issues. If I had not gone with the on-premise version, I would have had regular reports with the cloud version. It would be an advantage if they increase the compression rate of the backup. I am keeping it on-prem, so I'll need more disks depending on the policies that I have in the retention period. Its price could also be lower. If a good solution can be cheaper, it is always an advantage.""The most common feedback I get in terms of Commvault is that it can be complex. I always refer my customers back to their own environment. Almost everything that goes into Commvault is a request by a customer. While it can be complex, it can also be very simple. You just need to understand your environment in order to make sure that you really need to turn on that extra feature or thing inside of Commvault. Maybe you don't need those things. It really depends on how simple or complex your environment is, whether you need all of Commvault's features.""Commvault's price is quite high.""The retention log feature could be an issue for us and can be improved. The backup schedule can also be better in terms of how you set it up.""The main area for improvement is that we sometimes experience negative effects from their updates. If they had a larger test area for their updates, that would help.""We get an alarm if a lot of files are deleted, for example. That could look like ransomware, even if it is not."

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"The price of this solution is very high.""The integration with SaaS applications like Office 365 needs to be improved.""The pricing could be improved.""Something within the software itself isn't quite right. There may be a bug or glitch. It will work fine for weeks and then all of a sudden it just tanks.""The backup is not robust enough when you have a lot of technology.""A web console would be great because nowadays a lot of products are web-based and you can access the console from various environments. So I would recommend bringing this feature in the next solution.""It is currently missing the dynamic backup feature for virtual machines, which is available in NetWorker. I can create politics in NetWorker to add virtual machines with specific tags, but I cannot do this in Backup Exec, which is a minus point for me. Currently, a user has to send a request to the Backup administrator to add a machine to the backup, but I should be able to create rules to automatically add a new machine to the backup. This kind of functionality is very important in current times, especially when we are using cloud solutions. I should be able to create more than one stream in a policy and specify how many streams I want to run in parallel in one policy. Currently, I have to manually create more policies to backup more than one virtual machine at the same time. Their support can also be improved in terms of response time.""The pricing is an area of improvement and the mode of marketing it."

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Pricing and Cost Advice
"We work with Commvault and a partner on our environment needs according to capacity, licensing, pricing, components, modules, etc. Additional costs depend on your backup needs.""You have to pay for the licenses and the hardware you need for the Commvault environment. If you don't have all the hardware, you have to buy it, which can cost a few million. In the end, it's vital to protect our data, so the price isn't an issue.""It would not be affordable for small to medium size organizations.""Licensing fees are billed on a yearly basis.""It is cheaper than NetBackup, but its price can be lower. If a good solution can be cheaper, it is always an advantage. Its licensing is on a yearly basis.""Commvault's license fee is per server-based.""One of the issues with backup vendors is that they overprice, or overvalue their products.""Its cost is reasonable, but anybody else can do better benchmarking."

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"This product is priced for smaller customers.""Licensing depends on the part of the backup you're using. If you have SQL backup, then you must have a SQL license. If you have normal data backup, you would require a license for that.""The price is reasonable for the features it offers.""The solution could be more cost-effective.""The pricing can be improved.""There is an evaluation license available to test this solution.""It is a mid-range solution on the pricing scale.""Its price is reasonable."

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Answers from the Community
Nurit Sherman
author avatarAsiyeYigit

Hi, I would recommend Veritas NetBackup if the environment heavily has physical components instead of virtual components. I find NetBackup more user friendly and more technological. NetBackup has also appliances which provides media server role as a whole (including storage network, Red Hat OS etc). Dedupe technology is very good. With 8.1, there are many good features such as cloud catalyst which provides less data to the cloud provider. Moreover, I recommend to look at 360 data management philosophy.

author avatarit_user187182 (Manager of Operations at a real estate/law firm)

Frankly, we don't use any of above 2 software. We are using Veeam Backup, a rising star, as the mainline now.

author avatarit_user120825 (Lead developer at a program development consultancy)
Real User

Like man other collègues i would recommand you to go with veeam!

author avatarit_user680349 (Senior Systems Engineer at a sports company with 51-200 employees)
Real User

My Commvault and Veritas Netbackup experiences are quite dated. My team and I were going to do a Commvault POC last year but voted against it as Commvault would have required a lot of time and infrastructure resources just to do the test.

We did a Veeam POC which also proved to be more resource intensive than what we were willing to use in our environment.

After working with Rubrik, it was a no-brainer. We invested 2 days from racking the test unit to backing up 450 VMs. Even though Rubrik is a fairly new player, it provides most of the functionality we need at this time and in the future.

Another new player I just had the opportunity to play with is Hycu. This solution was designed from the ground up to fully integrate with the Nutanix Hyperconverged infrastructure we deployed to replace our Cisco UCS / NetApp / VMware Flexpod.

So, in conclusion, one of our goals was to find an environment that would free up our time from daily administrivia and complexity so we could focus more in proactive system administration and projects.

I hope my comments provide some value to the colleague. The best approach to decide what is right for a specific company is to put some effort in POCs and testing the products in their specific infrastructure to make sure it meets their needs and fills their requirements in terms of their immediate and future plans.

author avatarSalah BOUFARGUINE
Real User

if you use virtualisation I recommend Veeam Backup

author avatarConsultant449

Whatever backup/recovery you use, it all depends on the administrator. Perseverance is key. All backup software are designed to recover data. It is up to the administrator to make it work and ensure that data is recoverable. I've been using/working with a different backup software, one that is "feared" by most backup/recovery administrators. It is said that this software is the most difficult to implement and operate. But, in the last 15 years, it has been running, securing and recovering data for my clients.

author avatarit_user289950 (User)

I am not sure if I am qualified to answer on CommVault extensively as I have only encountered it when replacing It with NetBackup.

At a location I worked at they were using CommVault 6 I believe it was and had issues all of the time or a good portion of the time with the corruption of the server’s databases. In a 1 year basis because things were not monitored or fixed as I would think they should have out of 45 TB of data supposedly backed up only at 15 TB were actually restorable without major resources to try and work around it. The way that it was doing duplication is a job would not be deleted from the server until such time as the tape copy was completed. This caused a large backup of files waiting to finish duplication to tape (which is the way it should be) but when files that should have been deleted 6 months previously are still waiting for their copy to tape, that kind of defeats the purpose. Another issue was backing up agentlessly VMs. We had to configure a proxy server to do that then could not bill the customer accurately because the backup reports only showed the proxy server. Whether an optional product could have helped I do not think so because of the way backups are reported. This could have changed in the last couple of years but I would not be surprised if it was still an issue. If you wanted to use an appliance like a Data Domain you have only one of two ways to backup to the Data Domain and that would be as a VTL or CIFS/NFS mount points. That is not an efficient way to do it especially trying to get away from tape. I do not feel that CommVault is what I could classify and Enterprise Class close but not yet.

Veritas Backup itself is very stable. Most issues with stability come from running too many parallel operations and the hardware itself can’t handle it." I have used NetBackup quite a bit over the last 15 years. I have seen it go from 3.4 all the way now to 8.0. I agree that NBU has its issues and the support is not what it use to be. It has a great deal of flexibility with the type of backups you can do with it. A good example of agentless backups in NBU can be set up to back up automatically by using an annotation field in vCenter or the Tag field in the future. This allows the for the automatic back of VMs with no backup person time required as long as when the VM is created the annotation field is added. If NetBackup is setup properly and sized properly a lot of issues with parallel operations go away. In one environment that I know of right now they are backing up 900,000 jobs a month going to tape for the majority of them and that includes SQL, Oracle, Unix/Linux and Windows. Most problems that I have come across are misconfiguration, and lack of proper planning with the environment.

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Top Answer: Well both are comprehensive backup solutions. comm-vault has management One UI, Built-in security features, ransomware detection, immutability, data isolation, and recovery. while Net-backup has… more »
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Top Answer: Technically, Veeam is best for hyper-v & VMWare replications, snapshots, HA failover, also support for file system backups inside VMs., support for tape library & FC too. But Veritas Netbackup is a… more »
Top Answer: The solution could be more cost-effective. I do not know how much the solution costs on a monthly or annual basis. I do not possess information concerning the price.
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Backup Exec delivers powerful, flexible, and easy-to-use backup and recovery to protect your entire infrastructure whether built upon virtual, physical, or a combination of both. Backup Exec is licensed per media server, agent and option.

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Find out what your peers are saying about Commvault vs. Veritas Backup Exec and other solutions. Updated: November 2021.
552,695 professionals have used our research since 2012.

Commvault is ranked 3rd in Backup and Recovery Software with 50 reviews while Veritas Backup Exec is ranked 16th in Backup and Recovery Software with 20 reviews. Commvault is rated 8.6, while Veritas Backup Exec is rated 7.6. The top reviewer of Commvault writes "Enables me to work on other things because I know the system is handling backups by itself". On the other hand, the top reviewer of Veritas Backup Exec writes "Excellent backup capabilities with good technical support and a fairly easy initial setup". Commvault is most compared with Veeam Backup & Replication, Rubrik, Veritas NetBackup, Azure Backup and Acronis Backup, whereas Veritas Backup Exec is most compared with Veeam Backup & Replication, Veritas NetBackup, Acronis Backup, Veritas System Recovery and Veritas SaaS Backup. See our Commvault vs. Veritas Backup Exec report.

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