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Question: Is Ubiquiti Wireless better than Ruckus Wireless WAN?
Answer: Ubiquiti Wireless is extremely easy to set up and is an excellent option for small businesses, offering enterprise features for a one-time fee and no ongoing licensing fees. Ubiquiti Wireless is very stable and scales easily. It can be challenging to set up other products with Ubiquiti Wireless - not impossible, but not easy either. It would make Ubiquiti Wireless more competitive if they offered more cloud support. We would like to see automatic channel assignments. Many other solutions offer this, but Ubiquiti Wireless does not. It offers no dynamic channel or power management. We like that Ruckus Wireless WAN is reliable, easy to deploy, and offers amazing coverage. It also makes it very easy to add access points. The access points are very powerful, and the outdoor access points can be very easily disguised. We felt Ruckus Wireless WAN gave us improved coverage and faster WiFi. The Beamflex technology really optimizes coverage and improves overall signal quality. It would be beneficial if Ruckus Wireless WAN had better integration with other products and if it offered a firewall. This solution can also be more costly than some other solutions. Conclusion: If you are looking strictly from a cost perspective or dealing with budgetary constraints, Ubiquiti Wireless is a very good choice - a quality product offering great performance at a very low price. We felt Ruckus Wireless WAN offered better consistent coverage and was a more durable, rugged product. Many of our clients were primarily focused on broad outdoor use and Ruckus Wireless WAN consistently offered better access points and a stronger, faster Wifi.
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We asked business professionals to review the solutions they use. Here are some excerpts of what they said:

"The actual wireless access points themselves are very powerful.""The most valuable feature is the ease of adding an access point.""The most valuable features are the ease of deployment, the coverage that it offers, and the reliability.""The solution is suitable for many types of environments, such as small businesses.""The most valuable aspect of the solution is the size of the outdoor access points. It's great and you can disguise them quite well.""Provides great coverage and performance.""Tech support is good.""The technical features are very good and it's very useful if you need a wireless solution."

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"The range is usually pretty good, which is the most important thing to use because more or less, all wireless access points are the same.""The most valuable features are ease of deployment, ease of use, and the interface.""Ubiquiti Wireless is easy to use, it's stable and flexible, and the performance is great. It is scalable as well.""The solution is easy to use and flexible.""The most valuable feature is the ease of setup.""Their hardware is very good.""Easy to use and flexible.""I have found the most valuable features to be how user-friendly it is and how simple it is to do the configurations."

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"It would be nice to some analytical features built into this solution.""I would not consider this solution to be stable.""Of course, we'd always like it to be cheaper, but that's for every product.""The solution could be more stable.""The pricing, when compared to Ubiquiti, isn't competitive enough. If you want to have a Government or Public sector client they will ask why they should pay 200 euros if they can get something for 40 euros.""Integration with AirMagnet, the design software, would be good because it takes the layout of a building and positions the access points accordingly, based on the areas and the construction materials.""They could include a firewall feature in the next release but even there it's not really necessary""The connectivity and mobility for users could be improved."

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"They should have more VLAN features and a designing tool like a link planer.""I would like to see more cloud features that some of the other competitors such as Cisco Meraki have that are very nice.""Tech support is mostly remote and could be better.""The solution should offer simpler management for guests. That would be helpful in the hospitality industry, for example.""The production is not very stable in our experience.""Better security is important because we need to have some degree of control over who is connected and how we can restrict the level of connectivity.""Could be more secure and the controller more user-friendly.""I would like local support from the parent company."

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Pricing and Cost Advice
"Here in India, Ruckus is chosen often because it is priced low.""This is a wonderful product for the price.""It's expensive but you get more coverage."

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"The product is around $300 or $400 depending on the device. It's a one-time fee. There aren't ongoing licensing costs.""We don't buy directly. We have our finance department that buys things. My speculation on the price is that because we buy from private companies and because the product is imported, people tend to give us at higher prices. This is due to the fact that it is government procurement. So, sometimes, they are not paid directly, and they have to go through the whole administrative process before they are paid. So, they tend to compensate by increasing the price, but I won't be able to say what is the exact price.""The product is expensive.""If you do not have a big budget, you can use Ubiquiti, it is cost-effective.""The price of the solution is high and could be cheaper.""I like the fact that it offers enterprise features at a cheap price. If you compare it with Cisco, it has most of the features that Cisco has been offering but at a lesser price. I am satisfied with its price.""This solution is cheaper compared to others.""The price has been fair for what I have been using it for. There is no license for this solution."

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Answers from the Community
Netanya Carmi
author avatarClaudiu Retisan

yes. aprox. same  issues at the half price

author avatarNoureddine Chikhaoui


Questions from the Community
Top Answer: Ubiquiti Wireless is extremely easy to set up and is an excellent option for small businesses, offering enterprise features for a one-time fee and no ongoing licensing fees. Ubiquiti Wireless is very… more »
Top Answer: The solution is suitable for many types of environments, such as small businesses.
Top Answer: There is a license required for this solution. Here in India, Ruckus is chosen often because it is priced low.
Top Answer: For me, Ubiquiti was easy to install, configure, set up, and maintain, while also providing solid coverage and better handoffs between APs. This is especially relevant if you are using Apple products… more »
Top Answer: Ubiquiti Wireless offers a wide range of WLAN products. We tested their devices before ultimately choosing Cisco Meraki. Ubiquiti devices have good outdoor performance and the connection is very… more »
Top Answer: Setting it up wasn't so complicated. It is reliable. Security-wise, we didn't have much trouble, but that could be due to our environment. We haven't had so many attacks, at least up till now.
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Find out what your peers are saying about Ruckus Wireless WAN vs. Ubiquiti Wireless and other solutions. Updated: November 2021.
553,954 professionals have used our research since 2012.

Ruckus Wireless WAN is ranked 2nd in Wireless WAN with 8 reviews while Ubiquiti Wireless is ranked 1st in Wireless WAN with 23 reviews. Ruckus Wireless WAN is rated 8.6, while Ubiquiti Wireless is rated 8.4. The top reviewer of Ruckus Wireless WAN writes "Simple to use, great for outdoor usage and easy to disguise". On the other hand, the top reviewer of Ubiquiti Wireless writes "Extremely easy to set up and has never failed on me". Ruckus Wireless WAN is most compared with Cambium and Fortinet FortiWLM, whereas Ubiquiti Wireless is most compared with Cisco Meraki Wireless LAN, Cambium, Aruba Wireless, Fortinet FortiWLM and Aruba Networks Wireless WAN. See our Ruckus Wireless WAN vs. Ubiquiti Wireless report.

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