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Question: What Is The Biggest Difference Between Sophos UTM and Sophos XG?
Answer: Sophos UTM is no longer being developed, according to our reseller. All the development effort is going into XG. So XG will be the only Sophos firewall going forward, UTM will eventually be end of life.
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Find out what your peers are saying about Sophos UTM vs. Sophos XG and other solutions. Updated: March 2020.
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We asked business professionals to review the solutions they use. Here are some excerpts of what they said:

"What I like about the solution is the ease of use.""Sophos SG UTM had all the basic functionality that you needed. It is user-friendly and easy to manage for any integrator.""Sophos UTM is the simplest of these products to setup.""The most valuable feature is the price. I've been requesting prices all over these years between different solutions like Fortinet, Palo Alto, and Check Point and Sophos has been the cheapest and the best of all of them that I have tried. I have been working with Fortinet, it's a fact that the price is surprisingly better.""It is a very good product. The threat monitoring process is the most valuable feature.""The most valuable feature is ransomware protection.""I would recommend UTM over XG because it's easier to manage.""Monitoring and reporting are areas that need improvement."

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"The solution is stable. I've had very few problems with it.""Each user has the ability to manage the solution.""The most valuable feature of this solution is flexibility.""The VPN features and its capabilities are great.""The most valuable feature is the intrusion prevention system.""IPS and advanced threat protection (ATP) are the most valuable features. I am able to segment my network traffic and block incoming connections. It is also easy to use.""The solution was able to be integrated well with exciting hardware and software and in multiple business sectors.""I recommend the solution due to its ease of use and pricing."

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"Anti-phishing functionality should be improved.""I think that additional metrics features are needed to be able to monitor other areas or to monitor as much as you can, at a fine-grain resolution.""Sophos should improve its ability to check something like bandwidth consumption for users or something more real-time.""The integration capabilities could be better.""The solution is not scalable.""Monitoring and reporting are areas that need improvement.""The ease of use could be a bit better.""The logs are not clear, which means that you need an additional piece of software in order to read them clearly."

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"I am using the Azure Active Directory in my company and it was complicated to integrate this solution with Azure.""In the next release, I would like to see improvements made to the policy and simplify the policy-making, as the complexity of it makes it really tough.""The manuals or guides we are given are too simple. When we are implementing the product, it is difficult for us as we don't have more detailed information.""I used to work with Fortinet, and sometimes I see that the SD-WAN feature could be better because it's much easier in Fortinet.""The VPN is in need of improvement.""The solution could be more secure.""The interface could be simplified and diagnostic system graphs improved.""I would like to have more artificial intelligence in the web monitoring service that comes with it. It should alert us when particular events happen. It has already got some of that. I know that it is more of a service, and Sophos is already looking at it. It is called SIEM."

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Pricing and Cost Advice
"The solution is very low cost compared to competitors. You have a good firewall, a lot of functions for less than the price of some omni firewall competitors.""Our licensing fees are paid on a monthly basis.""We pay for the service on a yearly basis. The last time we paid was in June, for a year. At the time, it was about $20,000.""I think the pricing of Sophos is very fair.""The prices can be better, they could make it a lot cheaper.""This product is free for home users. The more expensive products have better performance.""It's reasonably priced.""The appliance should be purchased and there is a fee for the license."

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"Sophos XG is not expensive for a firewall, especially when you compare it with Check Point.""In terms of price, it is a mid-range product.""When comparing with Palo Alto and Cisco, Sophos is cheaper.""The price is good and licensing fees are billed on a yearly basis.""Over the last two years of the COVID-19 crises, most users required an SSL VPN license, something for which SonicWall charges but which Sophos offers for free.""The cost could be lower especially if you want to add other features.""It is not very expensive.""The product is well priced."

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Answers from the Community
Miriam Tover
author avatarJuan C. Sanchez Pignalosa
Real User

The biggest difference between Sophos SG and Sophos XG is performance. 

Now, there's even a newer Hardware Platform (same OS as Sophos XG, which is called SFOS) - the Sophos XGS which has different chipset architecture, to attend each security module, with its newest feature called XStream Technology. 

Besides that, the GUI is very different. Nevertheless, it's worth trying the Sophos XG or XGS, since its GUI is getting overhauled for better performance and easier management, by each new release.

author avatarAlexandre RASTELLO
Real User


The new appliances XGS have a dedicated streaming CPU (Xstream), in addition to the main CPU.

I have personally tested the differences between the XG and XGS similar appliances. The result is spectacular. 30% more perf minimum:


The UTM-9 is soon end-life. Sophos security staff is now focused on SFOS 18, XG, XGS.

To respond to the question "the biggest difference", I think is the "Synchronized Security":


The firewall is one of the full security solutions centralized in Sophos Central:


At most of our customers, we implement a Sophos Endpoint locally on servers and workstations and firewall XGS. The synchronized security interact between firewall and endpoints. This can resolve the problem with the "lateral movement" of an infected computer. It can isolate a computer from the network when detected as infected:


It can be extended to secure cloud systems with Sophos ClouOptix:


Tested with VM in AWS and Azure, work 5*!

Another big difference is the Webserver Application Firewall. All my customers with an internal webserver to be published in the net are protected with this "reverse proxy" (WAF). It really does the job of protecting IIS, Apache, etc. from externals attacks.

Another trick is the SSL VPN sites to sites. When a branch office is implemented with a front ISP router, sometimes the NAT traversal is not possible, for IPSEC VPN connections (UDP 500). With this SSL VPN,  Simple NAT works and gives an SSL 128-bit AES encryption.

Finally, I have a lot of experience in implementing UTM and, now, XG(S). No way, the log is a big difference, easier to use as in Fortigates! It is similar to CheckPoint firewalls.

For my experience, no way: -> Sophos XG(S)

Here is an interesting link on differences between UTM and XG:




author avatarRichard Artes
Real User

My understanding is that UTM is the software; SG is the hardware. You can buy Sophos UTM running on SG hardware and then later upgrade to the XG running on the same hardware.

author avatarRichard Artes
Real User

I've been told by our Sophos reseller that Sophos are pushing the XG as next generation firewall, and developing it to at least as good as UTM. So XG will be the firewall of choice moving forward. UTM will not be developed further, according to him.

author avatarAnthony Petecca
Real User

To my understanding, UTM and XG are from different legacy companies that
are now owned my Sophos. During my time researching anti-virus, UTM makes
more sense for our needs seeing as XG is primarily a firewall. From the
information I was able to find during the time of research, it seemed most
of the community felt XG had feature gaps from UTM.

author avatarSuheyl Khaki

UTM specifically SG series is a very mature and stable platform. It lacks some of the new features of XG; however has a very strong feature set. If you are looking for stability, ease of use and something well documented and understood than I suggest going this way. If however you are looking for a strong level of integration and have a greater than 3 year horizon then I suggest XG.

Wifi integration for example works better on the new platform.

author avatarJavier Medina
Real User

There are several differences since there are 2 versions, 

XG firewall has integrations with other products like intercept X and admin from Sophos central. 

SG UTM has less integration since it's a separate product. It was formerly Astaro firewall, but the most advanced features have been only set to the XG. 

There are appliance and software versions of both products. Depending on your need you might choose one or another. But basically, look at them as 2 different firewalls.

author avatarHh Ho

In my company, we use UTM Sophos and I am satisfied with it, but I didn’t use Sophos XG series (but as I heard it is great too).

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Top Answer: Sophos UTM is no longer being developed, according to our reseller. All the development effort is going into XG. So XG will be the only Sophos firewall going forward, UTM will eventually be end of… more »
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Top Answer: Compared to other firewalls that I had looked at, I thought Sophos was the better solution. It just seems to be easier to manage versus Cisco, Fortinet, or one of the other options I was looking at.
Top Answer: The pricing was reasonable. VPN licensing is included.
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Find out what your peers are saying about Sophos UTM vs. Sophos XG and other solutions. Updated: March 2020.
553,954 professionals have used our research since 2012.

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