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Intrusion Detection and Prevention Software (IDPS) Questions
Evgeny Belenky
PeerSpot (formerly IT Central Station)
Nov 30 2021

Which one is better and in which use cases? 

Evgeny Belenky
PeerSpot (formerly IT Central Station)
Nov 29 2021

What is it and how can you practically use it in your organization? 

Shibu BabuchandranHi @Evgeny Belenky ​, Cognitive security can be interpreted as the application… more »
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Evgeny Belenky
PeerSpot (formerly IT Central Station)
Nov 22 2021

Hello dear members,

What are the MITRE ATT&CK framework use cases? How can it be integrated/used in an enterprise security strategy?

Jairo Willian PereiraYou can simulate different types of access/attacks using the matrix suggested by… more »
3 Answers
Satish Singh
Cloud Security Architect at Kyndryl
Oct 26 2021
Hi community members, I'm working as a Cloud Security Architect at a Tech Services Company with 10000+ employees. I'm looking for a security solution to detect and prevent APT attacks.  Can anyone suggest a good and cost-effective solution? Please explain why would you choose this particular t...
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BobenGeorgeWhen you are considering cost-effectiveness Hardening perimeter defenses… more »
Eric Rise@Satish Singh, Thank you for your question it's one that requires deeper… more »
Raymond De RooijAPT attacks are tough. And as already mentioned, there is no single solution for… more »
5 Answers
PeerSpot (formerly IT Central Station)
There are many cybersecurity tools available, but some aren't doing the job that they should be doing.  What are some of the threats that may be associated with using 'fake' cybersecurity tools? What can people do to ensure that they're using a tool that actually does what it says it does?
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SimonClark Dan Doggendorf gave sound advice. Whilst some of the free or cheap… more »
Dan DoggendorfThe biggest threat is risks you think you have managed are not managed at all so… more »
Javier MedinaYou should build a lab, try the tools and analyze the traffic and behavior with… more »
12 Answers
Gilles Emmanuel
Founder and CEO at mojo search

I am making a comparative study among IDPS software tools that exist. I wish to know which one is best among the various Implementations networks tools that exist and their details specifications. 

2 Answers
Ariel Lindenfeld
Sr. Director of Community
PeerSpot (formerly IT Central Station)
Nov 22 2021

Let the community know what you think. Share your opinions now!

Simon JaninFrom a pure cyber security and technical point of view the most important… more »
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