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Forcepoint Secure Web Gateway Valuable Features

Subject Matter Expert at Hitachi Systems, Ltd.

The feature that I find to be most valuable is the flexibility of the single endpoint.

The Single endpoint for DLP and Cloud Web Security can be used for the DLP as well and Cloud Web Security as well. This is the most useful functionality from Forcepoint that is driven, and they are even providing the CASB, which is inbuilt on that endpoint as well.

They are providing CASB functionality on that same endpoint.

No other solution provides a single endpoint for the CASB, DLP, and that proxy solution.

Forcepoint has recently made changes on the cloud level. Previously, they did not have any flexibility on the cloud level. During this COVID period, Forcepoint has updated the cloud and now has more functionality on that level. For example, integration of CASB solution, cloud app, and DLP, which is also flexible. They're also adding on-premises data security solution integration with Cloud Web Security.

Also, URL filtering, which is filtering based on the categorized filtering, based on the content filtering, that is available on the Cloud Web Security Gateway, and even has an inbuilt DLP functionality, that limited functionality on the Cloud Web Security Gateway. This is free of cost. 

Forcepoint also includes a cloud app called Shadow IT visibility, which is very useful for the customer to identify whatever application accessed by the user from his endpoint machine, which is installed with the Forcepoint Cloud Web Security Gateway endpoint.

They have improved the cloud app functionality and they're giving the visibility of the accessibility of all the cloud applications accessed by users.

Forcepoint provides some more functionalities on the DLP.

They're going to integrate on-premises DLP solution with the cloud solution, Cloud Web Security Gateway.

With IP-based protection, you can put your ISP IP address and you can define a single policy for your organization, and any traffic coming from your organization will be filtered out with the specific policy.

There are many options and a lot of customization available in the reporting. There is a report builder, report viewer, and a customized reporting template is there. So, you can just customize your reporting, which is the best feature added by Forcepoint.

The ability to display the reporting to higher management is good. They just added that feature to the Cloud Web Security console.

CASB integration has just been added. With the CASB solution, you can select your sanctioned applications or your unsanctioned applications, and define a policy based on them.

The self-user registration is not a part of the domain. Previously, they only had two or three predefined templates, now they're adding four or five templates with the limited DLP functionality.

Web isolation, which was not previously included with the Forcepoint, can now offer a web isolation license. If there is some malicious URL or there is some uncategorized URL and you want to permit, or you want to block that URL, but you can just define the web isolation. In this scenario, that URL will be opened in the remote server, which is an isolated environment. In this scenario, if there is any malicious activity happening on that specific URL then it might not reach on your system because that is open on the isolated environment. Even if you are going to download any files from that site, and if there is a malicious file, they're going to sanitize on that isolated environment, and if it has found any malicious activity, it is automatically blocked.

In regards to decryption, the deep level inspection for all the sites is now available. Earlier, there was limited functionality for this.

Shadow IT provides you with risk level information, for example, it can identify what applications are high-risk and all the applications that are low-risk.

Based on the risk level, you can just block the application.

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Head of security solutions at Infodata Professional Services

The most valuable feature is the categorization, where you can allow general access to an application but limit specific features. For example, you can allow a user to access Facebook, yet restrict their ability to stream Facebook videos or download pictures. The same thing can be done on services like YouTube. A similar example is that of online storage solutions, where you can approve storage collaboration with Office 365 SharePoint, but limit them from using OneDrive or Box.

I really like the fact that you aren't required to get a Forcepoint appliance. It can be deployed on a VM and I am happy to have my own servers.

Forcepoint integrates well with other appliances.

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Infrastructure Support Officer at a government with 1,001-5,000 employees

It has got a really good URL categorization database. It is simple to set up. It is also easy to use and quite intuitive. It has got a nice utility for troubleshooting.

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Security Team Leader at Infort

All the proxies have the same features, but the idea here is about URL categorization and the support you have. I found this very interesting in Forcepoint.

In terms of functionality, Forcepoint is the best web proxy available.

I'm an engineer, and as an engineer, I often try to use the best solutions and ones I'm most comfortable with. I like Forcepoint. It's very good for implementation, but it's functionality is great. It has very, very deep technical features, and in-depth introduction features. I really encourage anyone to have it in their environment.

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AGM - IT Infrastructure at a manufacturing company with 10,001+ employees

For the most part, the solution, when set up correctly, works fine.

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CTO at Lactalis

I think the antiviral sandboxing is a valuable feature. 

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Systems Engineer at a tech services company with 11-50 employees

The most valuable feature is security, which is very strong.

Once deployed, the management console is simple and easy to use.

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Ict Help Desk Administrator Individual Contributor at a transportation company with 201-500 employees

The most valuable feature of Forcepoint Secure Web Gateway is the ability to retrieve and analyze lost data. It also allows us to detect and prevent the release of all messages and to take appropriate actions in consequence.

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IT Manager at CMC

The spam filter is very effective.

It does a good job of detecting ransomware links in email and then blocking them.

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Product Manager at a computer software company with 1-10 employees

I have found the web content filtering and malware filter the most valuable.

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Manager at a tech services company with 11-50 employees

One of the main features I have found the solution to be efficient.

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Learn what your peers think about Forcepoint Secure Web Gateway. Get advice and tips from experienced pros sharing their opinions. Updated: November 2021.
553,954 professionals have used our research since 2012.