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What is GoodData?

GoodData provides cloud-based big data solutions to companies in any industry. GoodData's platform is a scalable, reliable and secure method of analyzing large data sets. It is specifically useful for companies seeking to gain insights into marketing, sales and customer service performance. GoodData's platform works with any data source and is able to load, store, analyze, visualize and share data sets. This business intelligence (BI) platform is able to access existing data from any source including SaaS, on premise, structured, and unstructured. It allows companies to monitor and manage multiple load processes from its data integration service console. GoodData's big data analysis uses Multidimensional Analytics Query Language (MAQL) and the Extensible Analytics Engine. The combination of these two features results in enhanced multi-level caching, increased performance and the option to include advanced metrics. The platform's data reporting and visualization features are user-friendly, customizable and are cross-platform compatible. GoodData improves collaboration among teams with advanced exporting and sharing capabilities via branded dashboards and offers 24/7 customer support. GoodData's platform has been implemented by many enterprises to improve and optimize services. Switchfly, a company that provides technology solutions aimed at increasing customer engagement, needed a big data platform that was able to efficiently analyze over 60 billion customer impressions made each year. After implementing GoodData's platform, Switchfly was able to provide their clients with relevant insights into customer behavior and accurately measure market impact. GoodData is just one of many SaaS business intelligence products reviewed in our SmartAdvisor; click the link to see more solutions.

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