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What is Hitachi BladeSymphony?

BladeSymphony blade servers inherit its core design from Hitachi's line of highly reliable mainframe platforms bound together by a robust management software solution. BladeSymphony management solutions simplify the administration and management of BladeSymphony servers in enterprise data centers. BladeSymphony 1000 blade systems also supports Multi-Blade Symmetric Multi Processing (SMP) interconnect technology for scalable performance. Transaction recovery is supported with our N+M standby feature improving system reliability and availability. High performance and high availability features allow BladeSymphony to be utilized in small departmental office environments to large back-end enterprise data centers.

Hitachi BladeSymphony was previously known as BladeSymphony.

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Hitachi BladeSymphony Customers

BMW, LBBW Asset Management, Mutual and Federal, National Computing and Information Agency, Perth Radiological Clinic, Shaanxi Telecom, Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property (IGE), Swisscom IT Services, Turkcell, University HealthSystem Consortium, VPS - Norwegian Central Securities, W&W Informatik GmbH

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