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What is Hitachi JP1 Integrated Management?

JP1/Integrated Management monitors your system from a single location to ensure that the entire system is problem-free. This product forms the base for integrated operations management. With JP1/Integrated Management, you can monitor environments both on-premises and in the cloud. Logs and information about the events that occur in the system can be collected to and monitored from a single location. In addition to events, you can also monitor business systems running on various platforms (including Windows, Linux, and UNIX), as well as the statuses of network devices, servers (processes and resources), and applications. Prevent important events from being overlooked by consolidating or suppressing large numbers of related events or by filtering to show only the events you are interested in. You can also perform advanced, efficient monitoring operations, such as changing which events are collected based on a given time frame and restricting the events that can be monitored by individual operators. If a failure occurs, JP1/Integrated Management automatically notifies the system administrator to ensure a rapid response.

Hitachi JP1 Integrated Management was previously known as Hitachi JP1/Integrated Management, JP1, Hitachi IM.

Buyer's Guide

Download the Event Monitoring Buyer's Guide including reviews and more. Updated: January 2022

Hitachi JP1 Integrated Management Customers

NEWTON Information Technology, Meitetsucom, Sumitomo Forestry

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