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What is Hitachi JP1 IT Desktop Management?

JP1/IT Desktop Management 2 automatically collects various types of information, allowing you to manage it all in one place. 

The information that can be collected by this product includes information about hardware, software, and security. You can use the product to manage information not only from PCs and servers, but also from an increasingly diverse array of IT assets, including anything from virtual desktops to smart devices. With JP1, you can efficiently detect devices when they are first connected to the network, as well as changes made to management devices, and ensure that management information is always kept up to date. Moreover, JP1 helps ensure that licenses are managed properly. By keeping track of the number of software instances that are installed on your devices and the number of licenses you own, you can detect and address any shortage or excess in those licenses. JP1/IT Desktop Management 2 also automatically detects the statuses of security measures to be applied to managed devices and controls security by using security policies. These features eliminate or reduce security risks by ensuring thorough compliance with security measures on a daily basis.

Hitachi JP1 IT Desktop Management was previously known as Hitachi JP1/IT Desktop Management, JP1, ITDM2.

Hitachi JP1 IT Desktop Management Customers

AXA Insurance, Epson Singapore, SMOE, Yokogawa (Thailand), Panasonic HA Air-Conditioning, Sing Tao News Group, Yamaha Corporation

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