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HPE Nimble Storage dHCI Room for Improvement

Solutions Architect at a computer software company with 51-200 employees

Nimble It's only available using iSCSI — Nimble can run iSCSI or Fiber Channel. Although iSCSI is cheaper, from a performance perspective, if you've got a really high-performance need, then you need Fiber Channel. 

Not to get too technical, but people tend to think that adding more ports gives you that much more bandwidth — that's not true. Every stream must be dedicated to a port. You could actually do port saturation and not use some of your ports that you just dedicated to your storage.

It's not as mature as Fiber Channel — no one is. Fiber Channel is more expensive, but if high-performance is what you seek, then you need Fiber Channel. I hope that they bring that forward. They're doing all kinds of leaps and bounds with the new Nimble. I really love where they're going, but I think Fiber Channel should be on the docket for dHCI. 

It would be nice if they just provided a simple, easy to read matrix (white paper) on the different models. Today, it's a little convoluted. It's a little hard to read. You have to actually show it to a customer and explain it to them. I shouldn't have to explain it to them. It should be very simple: here are your options, here's your expansion, here's how much storage you get with that, etc. The information is kind of there, but it's just, it's ugly.

I don't mean to call anyone's baby ugly, but they need to improve that datasheet. That would be my pet peeve with them. Their documentation needs to be simpler to read yet more detailed so it's easy to compare models and easier for clients to pick. They shouldn't have to have us sit down with them and explain to them why. They should be able to look at this and say, "Oh, okay. I understand where I need to be. I don't need a decoder to figure it out." That and the fiber channel are my pet peeves.

The documentation needs to be improved — the quick specs are just horrible.

I think there could be more automation capabilities; however, I think they're moving in this direction. More automation to open and close tickets, to get those service tickets open. They've done a lot in that area and I think that they again should focus on introducing more somewhere down the road. 

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Enterprise Administrator at a outsourcing company with 51-200 employees

It's still kind of a new solution. I know when I purchased it, it really wasn't ready for prime time as I had to go through at least five or six deployments before it actually stuck. We were having a lot of issues. As far as where I'm at with it right now, I can't really complain. They're finally bringing it together where it can do updates through their one menu interface for the Nimble and that updates everything, the ESX hosts, the vCenter, it does all that for you. They've gotten better. 

The only issue I'm really running into is we have a SQL server that we're having a lot of high IO latency on one of my drives and it's my data drive from my SQL server. It's not really giving me any good information as to where that latency is coming from, so that's what I'm trying to track down and troubleshoot. That's about the only problem right now.

The only thing I would like, and this may be more on the VMware side, however, going back to that SQL issue, I would like to be able to maybe have more granular control over my IO channels on my server. If I needed to troubleshoot why one server, one drive in a server, which is virtual, is having high latency, I should be able to go in and troubleshoot that specifically without having to go through and try to look at a ton of graphs. That's probably the only thing - just the granularity of it. 

The reporting on Nimble to Nimble replication could be a little bit better

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Sales Specialist at a tech services company with 201-500 employees

The user interface is not as good or easy as the competition, for example, Nutanix. That's what we do find. 

The initial setup is a little bit complicated. 

We'd like to see file sharing capability, for file shares, to be available and much larger.

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Solution Architect at a tech services company with 10,001+ employees

They should include integration to the cloud like S3 bucket or the archiving part. The vehicle would be the backup solution. It would allow us to move some older, rarely used data to cloud. 

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Operating Officer at iCone

I would like to see more compatibility with other vendors. 

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General Manager at a computer software company with 11-50 employees

HPE Nimble Storage dHCI currently is promoting only VMware as a hypervisor, whereas if they can look into other OSs, such as KVM or Red Hat, it would be an improvement.

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Solutions Architect at a tech services company with 11-50 employees

The solution could improve by providing better file-level restoration and DVX system options.

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Find out what your peers are saying about Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Dell EMC, Nutanix and others in Hyper-Converged (HCI). Updated: November 2021.
553,954 professionals have used our research since 2012.