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Kerio Control Valuable Features

Senior Technology Specialist - VP at Unified Technology Solutions

The most valuable feature for us is the ease of use. We don't have to go crazy trying to figure out how to do something. It allows you to make changes, set things up, turn on things for a customer without having to go through 37 different menus, read the manual, and try to remember it. It's pretty straightforward. That's what attracted it to us in the beginning. While we can work with complicated systems, most of our customers don't need them, then we end up just spending more time setting up the solution than we really need to. It's more productive, the customer saves money and at the same time and we make more money off of it. I can set up a whole firewall solution in 30 minutes and that's valuable to me.

We have been very happy with the security features. We find that the keyword filtering is great. Also, the antivirus filtering is excellent. One thing we always tell our customers is that we have never had a client using Kerio Control and the antivirus tools that we suggest who has been infected with any type of ransomware. We have customers who have had ransomware, but they were all ones who chose not to go with Kerio Control. That's always just been a very simple, easy, and powerful fact that we can explain to people, "We've never had a customer who has used this firewall along with our recommended antivirus and had a ransomware infection."

It is very comprehensive. It has all the active protections. It's updated regularly. We love that you can set how often threat definitions updated so you can work what is right for the site. A large company with a lot of bandwidth can update the virus definitions and security definitions hourly, if they want. A smaller site that's remote, where maybe updating the definitions will eat into the bandwidth, we can schedule those more to go later at night. It's very flexible and works for us in all types of situations. This is great because then we don't have to learn seven different products to be able to work with seven different scenarios.

We've been very happy with the solution’s firewall and intrusion detection features. The company has been pretty good when it comes to maintaining it and closing out security holes. For example, when there was a security bug found in the encryption in the VPN, they were very quick about reacting to that and coming out with a new VPN client encryption. At the same time, they made sure that for those cases where maybe you couldn't upgrade right away, there was a bit of overlap of backward capability so you weren't like, "Oh geez. I have to do everybody at once."

We love the VPN feature. That is one of our favorite things. The free client that they have makes it so easy to attach computers to the company network and we can usually set somebody up in like five minutes or so. It's real simple for the users because of the way that it presents the information you don't have all types of weird keys and stuff that users have to remember or write down, which is great because a key lost on a piece of paper is just as bad as a key found by a hacker. So, the computer memorizes it all, stores it, and makes it real simple with a push button to either connect, disconnect, or keep the connection persistent, which we love because then for a company-owned computer it stays connected from the moment the user logs in to logs out. Then, we can actually sync the user's VPN credentials to their Active Directory account and that is really helpful, because if a user leaves, disabling their Active Directory credential also disables their VPN credentials automatically and now when an employee is no longer with the company we don't have to worry about going to a separate system and shutting that VPN down until we can get our hands physically back on the laptop. We don't have security risks hanging out there.

MyKerio is a really neat tool where there's one central website that I can go and see every Kerio firewall that we manage. I don't have to go find specific logins for every firewall because I log into the MyKerio site with my master credentials, and it has two-factor authentication to make sure it's secure. Once I'm in, I can choose any of the Kerio firewalls that we manage: Kerio firewalls, Kerio Operator Phone Systems, or their Kerio Connect mail product. I can find any of them and quickly attach to it, then help the customer. It makes it real nice instead of having to chase down a list of IP addresses and passwords. As a managed service provider, it's nice because if a tech leaves, then I can cut them out of all our customers by simply closing their MyKerio account since they never actually had a direct login to the firewall itself.

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IT Manager at Flare Technologies

The most common feature is the Traffic Rules, so the users can define which network or which users access which internet interface. But bandwidth management and content filtering are also commonly used.

With the Traffic Rules we define all the different sources, such as various user groups or network interfaces for the crew. And we show them that if they want the guests to access 4G internet, this is how they do it. They're defining who gets what, in the Traffic Rules. 

If they've only got a single connection, and everyone's sharing it, then they would jump into bandwidth management and prioritize the boss, but also allow the crew a little bit of internet, just to get by, for WhatsApp messages and emails. 

Content filtering is to stop malicious content. They don't want people accessing the various categories in the filter. The default is usually pretty good for them, things like BitTorrent, downloads, and sharing, but also the more "adult" parts of the internet.

It gives our customers pretty much everything they need in one product, in terms of security features. It's a firewall, but generally for what they want, it works.

What our customers like about it is that it has a nice interface. It's been around in the yacht sector for a long time. I was introduced to Kerio by the yacht customers. They were saying they want this firewall and I hadn't really heard of it. They're usually comfortable with it because it's a familiar interface.

By default, the firewall stops everything coming in but allows everything going out. For everything we've needed, it's done the job. If we've needed to open something up or block something we've managed to do it.

We also use the VPN quite a lot. We have an NG500 in our data center and we actually create a VPN tunnel between and our data center and each of our current customers who have a Kerio. Technically, it's one-way because they don't talk to each other via VPN. All the customers are separate, but as a support company, we can VPN from our laptops to our data center and from there we can access all our customers' networks. That is handy for us because we can log on to their IT switches or their AV equipment to offer support. We also use it for delivering email for some customers, whereby because they don't always have a guaranteed fixed IP address, we give them one, in a sense. We have a pool of IPs in our data center. All the mail hits their assigned IP address and is sent over the VPN to their email servers on board.

We also have some third-party subcontractors and we can give them access to specific customers. We can give them an account on our firewall and through our own traffic rules we can allow them or deny them access to specific customers and specific parts of that customer's network. Because they're hitting the central point, we don't necessarily want them to access all our customers. The customers themselves don't often have a big, remote-work environment because the crew is either on board or off. But we have seen a small increase in customers wanting to use VPN to access files on board, and during the COVID outbreak some of the ETOs (electronic technical officers) and the technical guys have not actually been able to get to the yacht, physically. So we've set them up with VPN so they can actually continue to do certain work. When we first started using Kerio we never really used VPN. Now, pretty much every Kerio we supply gets on the VPN.

The ease of use of Kerio is very good. Everything's there, once you know where to go or how to find things. One thing we use quite a lot, as well, is the DHCP Server, because we do a lot of work where all our devices need to have static IP addresses. Rather than going around and configuring every box, we do it all through DHCP reservations. It's easier. We've got a record of it. We can manipulate it if we need to change something or change some hardware. It's all easy. Even guys who are not used to using it can pick it up quite quickly.

The learning curve is pretty quick. It helps if someone has a general IT understanding of networking, for certain aspects. What we don't always have on a customer's site is somebody who is familiar with all aspects of the Kerio, such as interfaces, VLANs, and IP subnetting. They don't always understand DHCP, what it is and how it works. They pick it up pretty quickly, but it usually helps if someone has at least some knowledge of IT and networking. Normally, though, we find it's quite a decent balance because they will do what they want to do after a little bit of training. Anything else they'll leave to us or they'll ask us the question, and then we can either do it or go and figure it out and then come back and do it.

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Owner at Fr@nkonnections
  • Security
  • Ease of use
  • Ease of install
  • Ease to recover
  • The load balancing is very easy to maintain.

The login appearances are very strong. In case of problems, you're able to find anything you want. I am always able to help my customers. I really love this product. It's very good. With its many features, there is no comparison. Over the years, I have seen other types of firewalls but they don't have these functionalities within them. 

You can create your users, groups, IP addresses, IP groups, and make rules. It can do protocol inspection and load balancing. You can have a backup line where all kinds of scenarios are possible. 

It has security features, like an open source Internet protection system. This is well-known and a good solution to protect you from guys who try to hack systems. They have also integrated a fire scanner, a protocol inspection, and web content filter. You can adjust things depending on the types of organizations who are using it. Over the years, it has been very easy to maintain. 

I haven't seen anything else that compares to the comprehensiveness of its security features because I'm working mostly with small to mid-range offices. Manageability is very important, and that is possible with it.

Kerio Control's firewall and intrusion detection system, Snort, uses tables that are available on the Internet and loads them automatically. Over the years, I never had problems with my customers. The stability is very important for the product. I use Kerio Control as a central security system for my customers. On the workstation, I mostly use a virus scan. There are also multiple virus detections through your firewall. 

The VPN Client for users is a strong feature within Kerio Control. An important thing within the VPN Client is it also has the possibility for two-factor authentication, which I really like. For some customers, this is very important.

I like its malware features.

This is a very robust the product.

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IT & Installations Manager at Odyssey Gaming

We turned on two-factor authentication just after the shutdown when we knew we were going to get more users using it. That was the only feature that I've used recently that was different and it worked fine. You only have to authenticate once every 30 days, once you've fully authenticated. It was easy. Technically, it's not a full implementation. It's two-factor on every login, but it's certainly more secure than it was.

In terms of the comprehensiveness of the security features, I know that we haven't had any breaches before. We've had security issues before but it hasn't been with the data center implementation. We have a technology partner that we use to consult for configuration and Kerio was their number one recommendation at the time. We've never had an issue since implementing that. While it works, it's not an issue for me. Best to our knowledge, we haven't had any data breaches.

We do a lot of audits in terms of data security. I don't know if that's ever been an issue here because a lot of our production stuff is actually walled off from our corporate network so it's of lesser risk factor. We were regulatory. We're a licensed regulatory body as well. We monitor gaming machines throughout the state. A lot of our security and the production network is a lot higher than our corporate. Not that corporate's not high, but there are a lot more freedoms for the user under the corporate network umbrella anyway. But it does what it needs to do. We haven't had an issue with it. The most we've had to do when we've had an issue is upgrade the VPN Client's software.

Before using Kerio, with another software, we did experience security breaches. Not so much with a firewalling product. We've had issues with breaches of user breaches. So phishing attempts and so forth. Just the general user stuff, but not through the corporate firewall. And honestly, we didn't handle all of that previously. We only took that on board about six or seven years ago when we changed ownership. So a lot of our services are in the cloud these days as well. Office 365 and so forth.

In a roundabout way, its security features played a role in our decision to go with it. We rely on the advice of our consultant and the consultant recommended this configuration, this software, and this appliance. So, it was more about the appliance. It was more about the flexibility than what we needed to do in a data center environment as well, to be able to manage it remotely and securely. It's been very easy to manage. 

The consultant was TechPath. TechPath is very good. I have full faith in TechPath. They're an MSP and we've just used them as a consultant when we initially set up our wide area networks and the security around it. They have good guys there. We don't have a lot of network engineers in what we do. That's their job. That's why we use another consultant.

Because it's all ID integrated, it's very easy for a user to get online step by step. And in terms of the actual configuration of the firewall itself, it's an intuitive interface if you know what you're doing, in terms of logging traffic, spanning, and the rest of it. The logging is fine. 

Remote work has been increased by 100%. We would have had around 25 - 30 remote users. That's probably increased to 60 over the shutdown, including contact center staff. That'll scale back a little bit as people come back into the office, but overall, people don't stay connected during office hours, it's more of an as-needed basis. We still only have 10 to 15 concurrent users, but in terms of licensing, we have under five concurrent users at any one time before that. There was an increase, but it was not a resource-hungry increase. We said to make sure the licenses were sourced in advance.

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Solutions Architect at Clockwork Solutions

The top features are ones that we're not using yet but we soon will be because we've just had broadband upgraded in Australia. We've got something called the National Broadband Network, which is forced onto you, so you have to take it when it arrives. We'll be trying the high availability out soon. We tried that with some load balancing, it didn't quite work as we expected, but I think that was more of a configuration thing rather than a product thing.

The geo-blocking is essential because the partners we deal with are typically either in the US or Australia. We know where our traffic needs to come from and we don't post anything publicly that the general world needs to see. It's just a few discreet services that need to be hosted on this financial trading stuff.

The integration of Active Directory is very good as well. We don't use the VPN service. We use VNC. We get mixed results from the QoS, but that's another good feature. Really, dashboarding, track, and monitoring are the most important features for us as well.

We are about to test the high availability and failover protection because one of the issues we have is the device or the Hyper-V host seems to need a regular rebooting, which isn't an issue directly in itself, but it would be nice if it could do that on its own. We can't find a feature to do that. That's the complaint I'd have of that and the HA might solve that problem for us. So we'll give that a go.

Out-of-the-box, the overall comprehensiveness of the security features is pretty good. It's not just a firewall, it's kind of a firewall proxy, reverse proxy, everything out-of-the-box sort of solution. It's pretty comprehensive. I can't imagine wanting anything else, because for me as a consultant, it's not just about protecting the environment. It's also about having something that's commercial-grade because when you go in as a consultant, you need to be exposed to these tools and you need a lab environment to test these tools out. This is as close to a good commercial tool that you could possibly ask for.

In terms of the availability issue, I've considered that there are hardware options as well, which is nice. We're not sure if that will be an improvement over using Hyper-V, but that's to be decided.

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VP Engineering & Admin at E3 Systems

The interface control manager where we can allocate LAN connections to certain VLANs is the most valuable feature. The other feature that's important for us is because everything is remote with MyKerio, as long as the boat has an internet connection, we can log onto the Kerio and get statistics, as well as provide support.

It's important because unlike a company where a company has an IT person on-site because these are yachts, they have a boat crew that is not necessarily "IT," so they rely upon us to provide them with their IT services. This is a platform that allows us to control and troubleshoot as necessary.

I would say about 95% to 97% of all of our support is managed remotely because of the nature of superyachts, where they're located, and the importance of the people that own them.

I have not run into any issues or complaints with regard to the firewall and intrusion detection features. I find that in this industry, the fact that those are services that are included is important. But I can't speak to the operability of it.

Because I interface the most with the boats and the crews, I've never run into an issue with the comprehensiveness of the security features.

In terms of the ease of use, if you took 15 different network professionals and told them to configure a Kerio Control, you would get 15 different configurations. Having said that, within our specific business segment, we have learned the configuration that works best for us and works best for our customers. The way that we have set it up is to not put the onus on the boat to make any changes, but if they need to make any changes they allow us to go in there and make changes. 

From my experience, I don't necessarily do the configuration on them, but I do manage them. If there's a boat that has a problem, I'm the first phone call. Most of the time I can figure it out, but what we provide as a service is that we refer to it as a virtual ETO which is an electronics and technology officer. That would be an actual IT person, but for the most part, we just encourage our customers to defer their technical queries to us and allow us to manage it for them.

It has saved time for the members of our team who manage security based on how they're using it. It has saved time in the sense that they have an integrated security solution. I think the maritime industry is moving towards a standardized security initiative because the problem is that everything within the maritime industry is based on international, not national standards. So where and how the Kerio Control will fit into that is undetermined because the IMO, International Maritime Organization, has not yet determined what those standards are going to be. It's still a work in process.

It has a VPN back to our data center but I don't think it has increased the number of VPN clients extended to those outside our environment

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ICT Consultant at D-R Consulting Pty Ltd

It's a combination of authentication, internal network DNS, filtering, and antivirus. It is a standalone product which has a lot of the features that a Windows domain might have. However, I don't need to have a whole lot of Windows or Mac infrastructure, as I can do all my network management from Kerio.

One very good thing about the Kerio device is its authentication. I don't have a Windows domain for authentication. Instead, I use the Kerio product because it can separate users by Mac addresses and give them IP addresses based on their usernames, automatically logging them in. This makes for a very simple authentication system.

The solution’s firewall and intrusion detection features are pretty good. I have, at different times, connected directly to the Internet in bridge modes with the modem, and the noise in the logs is phenomenal. So, it does a good job. I can see that the intrusion prevention catches everything that is coming at it. I tend to not use it in that mode. I have it connect to a port on my modem router, so I let the modem router take all the initial intrusion noise, then not much gets through to Kerio. That just gives me a lot of confidence that I have a secure network.

For the content filter, I am pretty much running their default. I haven't added any rules to that myself. The default does a pretty good job at picking up things. I might have whitelisted one or two things that I use which it tends to pick up, but I know they are okay.

Kerio Control gives us everything we need in one product. 

The feature that I'm relying on: If the appliance died and I had to get another one, Kerio has a configuration backup. Therefore, it's pretty easy to restore to a new appliance.

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CEO at a computer software company with 1-10 employees

The most valuable feature is the reliability of VPN capabilities. The VPN has been very reliable and secure. The security has been very good and the VPN connections are reliable in that they stay up. We don't have a lot of problems with downtime and that type of thing.

The comprehensiveness of the security features is extremely good. 

Kerio offers everything I need in one product. 

The firewall and intrusion detection features are good. We've had some intrusion attempts that were stopped. The firewall has been doing extremely well for attempted hacks, as well as working well with the intrusion protection.

The VPN features are good They have a solid VPN client, which we found to be extremely good and reliable on various operating systems. Other than that, the VPN has been good. 

Kerio is extremely easy to use. They're easy to install and pre-configure. If you have to do any maintenance it's well handled through the system. Remote connection, logging in, and doing changes on the system is extremely well handled.

We do use the failover in our head office. The failover is working extremely well. The last test on that was May of 2000 and 2020. The failover seems to be working well and the security has been good, so they've felt very confident in having it up and working as it's supposed to be. It's configured as per the instructions and it's working really well.

Kerio has enabled us to double the number of VPN clients extended to those outside of our environment. It started a little bit before the pandemic but just because some of the companies started to work more from home to cut down on costs. But since COVID that's where it shows it's doubled.

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EMP Specialist at Global EPM BV

The VPN connection is the feature that we are actually using this solution for, but routing and checking what kinds of sites are being tested or accessed, is also helpful. That can be logged and reviewed to see if everything is going okay. It's for protection of the network behind it.

Kerio Control covers quite a lot, when it comes to security. There are, of course, always things missing in a product that you would like to have, and we have even questioned the vendor to see if they can provide one of the solutions that we would like to have in the product, but that does not seem to be the case at the moment. But for us, it covers almost everything we do with it, which makes it quite a suitable product for us.

The firewall and intrusion detection features are very useful these days because hackers have a lot of tricks that they use to get into a system. With Kerio Control you can see something that's happening. Otherwise, you have to use other tools to see what's happening on the firewalls. Having IPS in it is quite useful for us.

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System Administrator Team Lead | Developer at a tech services company with 11-50 employees

The traffic insight page or the administrative portal is really helpful because you can see all the internet usage down to the point where you can see if it's big files or streams. It gives us a good view of what the internet usage is of users who are coupled to an IP address. That way, if there are problems with, for example, a lot of data usage or problems with the connection, we can narrow it down to a single user or server and address the problem. It's really helpful for diagnostic data.

The content filtering is pretty good for our needs, especially with the global rules you can define. We can define global rules and use them on multiple Kerio Control installations. So we have one place to set all the rules for different customers. That's very good. The rules that it auto-updates and that are automatically available — for example, spam or indecent websites, or whatever else is in the firewall by default — are good.

The VPN works pretty well, especially with the Kerio Control VPN software. Some products don't have their own VPN software and, with Windows, sometimes it's just better to have a piece of software. That's especially true for some of our customers because they only have to open the software and press "Connect." Windows can be a little bit weird when it comes to that, and it breaks connections. You really don't see when Windows loses a connection or if you have to reconnect. The Kerio Control VPN client is pretty good at that.

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Owner at Multi Level Software

The most valuable features include 

  • being able to attach to two different internet providers
  • the ability to map which ports you will allow in and out of the VPN, which is built-in 
  • the fact that it reliably works without any attention.

I want to have access to my computer from the outside and Kerio Control plays a role because it has a VPN. This VPN is different from most other VPNs, although they have used a standard version. It is more reliable because it's a smaller group of computers to target for hackers and the like. The VPN works very well. I use it to work remotely very easily and exchange information, both to and from the location where it's deployed, and there have been no problems there.

I have one or two VPN clients, at most, that are active at one time, so it's there if needed when I'm not working at this location. It helps me a lot to have a reliable VPN client. I have no performance issues when working through VPN.

Kerio Control also has some authorizations so I am able to block internet access for certain hours for certain people.

Overall, the security features are adequate. They do what I need. I don't have much experience with anything else, so I can't compare, but they completely solved my problems.

The firewall and intrusion detection features don't hinder me, and I haven't had any attacks, as far as I can see. I want a firewall to be unobtrusive. I don't want to notice it's there. It should just do its work and protect me and not hinder me when doing real work, and that's what it does. It's very good because it shouldn't be noticed, and it's good at not being noticed and doing its work.

Overall, I don't have any problem using Kerio Control. For me, it's very easy, but I've been working in software for some 50 years.

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Owner at L3GNL LLC

The custom firewalling is pretty intuitive. You don't have to sit there and learn a new language or anything like that. You can just block this, open that, allow this, just allow that. With a lot of firewalls nowadays, you have to know a language. You have to sit there at the keyboard and type in special commands, and those commands are not used anywhere, just for that particular brand of firewall. Connecting the two up in two different locations for a tunnel is easy.

The comprehensiveness of the security features that Kerio Control provides us with is good. Before GFI had it, they would have more updates. The updates have been slower, but I like the things that they keep adding like the ability to block by country. I use pretty much every feature.

Kerio Control gives us everything in one solution.

The firewall and intrusion detection features are pretty good. I haven't had an issue that I know of. I hope no one's gotten any. I think it's good.

I also like the malware and antivirus features. It's sitting in front of my email server and the email server has antivirus too. The firewall catches it before the email server even catches it, so they work pretty well.

I like the VPN but I don't use content filtering that much. It works pretty well but a lot of times kids can get around that kind of stuff. I don't have kids that age anymore, so I don't have to worry about it. I don't use the content filtering that much.

Kerio is easy to use. If you don't know tech, you can't just get up and do it. Nothing can be that easy, but you don't have to be a rocket scientist to do it. `

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IT Manager at JB Metropolitan Distributors

The routing of the multiple Internet physical routers I have is the most valuable feature of this solution. Instead of me physically unplugging a cable from one router to the server, if one connection goes down, it automatically switches for me. So I can have all three of them plugged in. If one goes down, it just picks up the other one automatically. There's no physical cable swapping.

In terms of ease of use, it's pretty easy. It took some playing around for me to understand some of it, but I'd say if you understand what it is you're after, and how that works, then this is pretty easy.

We use the firewall. It's fine, a bit tough. I need to test it against others. I'd rather use the Kerio firewall than the Windows ones.

With the VPN features we can connect all three of our sites together.

The content filtering and VPN features are pretty easy to set up. It's a couple of clicks and it's done, so it's pretty good. I'm pretty happy with it.

I am the only manager who manages the security. It does save me time. In the scenario where one Internet connection goes down, I used to have to run to the server room and unplug a cable, and come back. Now, I don't have to do that at all. It saves me a lot of time, 100%. With the routing, previous to this there are a few things in here that I haven't had the ability to really do how I wanted so I don't have a comparison.

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IT Support at Rural Computer Consultants, Inc

The ease of use in the GUI itself is the most valuable feature. We like the traffic rules so we can control who has access. It's easy to determine the flow of the traffic itself so we don't have to educate on command lines and reading out command-driven output. It's a very easy-to-use interface.

The comprehensiveness of the security features is fairly good. There have been some suggestions that we've made to the GFI team that we would like to see for performance. As our company grows, we need Kerio to grow with us, and so we've suggested some ideas on making the Kerio Control appliance perform better for more users because it can become sluggish under heavy loads.

In terms of security features, Kerio gives us most of what we need. There are some granular items that we would find more useful when we want to stop a particular region from access. 

The firewall and intrusion detection features are really good, it just needs a little bit more fine-tuning.

The content filtering and VPN features are great. The vpn client is ssl based, so no key cipher matching is required when setting up without information in front of you.

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CEO at Professional Project Managers

The VPN is the most valuable feature. We filter out outgoing NAT packets by port. So we locked down incoming and outgoing packets with the Kerio software. It's a lot less money than our FortiGate solutions that we installed, for instance. The value in it is money savings and flexibility.

Kerio is a lot clearer to set up to do particular things, whereas when I do it on a Cisco or a FortiGate I have to go fight with it per week sometimes to do something I can do in 20 minutes on Kerio.

For the money, the comprehensiveness of the security feature is exceptional. The next level of security is the sandbox and FortiGate charges me $120,000 a year for that sandbox. I don't see that as something that Kerio would ever be adding. The next step is a big, drastic step up in company size. So for medium and small businesses, I think Kerio is about as good as I can get.

It gives us everything we need in one product for our small-size business.

For medium to small businesses, the firewall and intrusion detection features are very well priced and just excellent. The functionality for the amount that we're paying for them is excellent.

The malware and antivirus features are okay. I add stuff on top of Kerio, I have Malwarebytes. So I would give it an okay. Malwarebytes still catches quite a bit that Kerio doesn't.

I used the content filtering a little bit and it works alright. I've got a hundred VPNs at the University of New Mexico. I don't put it anywhere else though, so I don't know. I don't really have any kind of input on that, I suppose.

Their graphical user interface that allows me to open up particular ports to particular internal IPs with one external IP is very flexible and easy to use. It is also much clearer than when I go into my larger systems with two competitors, Cisco and FortiGate.

Kerio enables me to use one external IP address to cut it into multiples server solutions based on different port numbers. It saves them money if my customers are creative enough to use those features.

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Head of IT at Glorious Way Church

The intrusion prevention is good. I like the fact that it's always up, it's always secure, and it never lets us down, never locks up. It just works.

As a firewall, it keeps our public and our private networks separated and also from any intrusions from the outside. 

In terms of the comprehensiveness of the security features, it does a great job of laying out what it does. It's fairly easy to edit and research. Some of the features were turned on by our IT company and I was able to easily find other features on my own by searching for videos on the internet. I've been able to block certain websites, content filter, as well as manage some of our bandwidth because we live stream on Sunday. I'm able to dedicate bandwidth for the encoder that goes to the internet. It always has enough bandwidth, no matter how many people are on the network. That's really helpful.

It provides us with everything we need in one product.

Because of the reputation of Kerio as well as all of the great things my IT company recommended, it's easy to trust a company like this for our intrusion prevention and for our security. It's really easily laid out and it just works.

The malware and antivirus features keep themselves updated once it's turned on. You don't really have to worry about anything. It scans all the incoming email and it scans for web traffic. It just works in the background. You don't even know it's there until it finds something.

The VPN feature works great and it's secure as well. I'm impressed with the speed at which it works and how easy it is to access over the VPN.

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Account Manager (Technical) at Redfortress Ltd

The most valuable features are the 

  • firewall
  • load balancing 
  • bandwidth control
  • routing.

We need these functions. We need to do what we do and then the Kerio is quite intuitive in terms of getting everything set up and managing it after. It has quite a nice UI which is fairly straightforward.

The firewall and intrusion detection features are good. It has blocked certain things. We have a lot of blocked sites that the staff or anyone using it, the public, etc., can't go on. It works for that. I get quite a few messages every now and again, saying that a virus has been detected and I can go in and block the user who's causing the problem.

In addition, content filtering is good. We use that a lot. In terms of the content filtering we use all the basic ones that it already comes with, like phishing sites and peer-to-peer. We only use the VPN a little bit, for admin purposes, to go in and administer the other equipment onsite, like the switches.

The comprehensiveness of the security features Kerio Control provides seems good. And it seems to just work. I don't really get down into the detail of it too much, but I'm happy with what it picks up. We haven't really had any problems.

It is easy to use. We've never really used the wizards that are provided. We had a guy come in and set it all up for us in the first instance and then we built upon it by just using what he already did as a template, to do other things. But it's pretty straightforward.

We also use the failover. We have two internet lines going into it, and it works. We have a loss of connection at the minute because of a problem with BT, our ISP, so it has gone over to another line. It keeps our security going, which is good.

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President at a tech services company with 1-10 employees

The VPN and security are the most valuable features. In the current climate, with people working more remotely, it is nice to have a solution that is flexible and provides multiple features, such as, being a firewall and VPN.

The antivirus works pretty well.

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Freelance IT Specialist at a computer software company with 501-1,000 employees

With Kerio Control, one very useful feature is the policy routing. This enables us to, if we have the yacht's network split up into VLANs, give the option of basically pushing different VLANs through different internet connections. This is very flexible. Then the PFM and the Netgate firewalls are also very flexible. 

The user interface and the ease of use are pretty good. Everything fits together so nicely.

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Owner at a consultancy with 51-200 employees

The most valuable feature is the VPN. It enables us to do remote work. 

I use the geo IP filtering a lot. 

We also like the security. We can control what sites users can go to and we can make sure that where they're going is appropriate and that it's work-related.

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Senior Sales Technician at a tech services company with 51-200 employees

The VPN is a useful feature.

When you go under status to, "active host", you see what all your users are doing. We found that this is the most useful feature.

The security features are quite easy to use. It gives us everything we need in one product.

The solution’s firewall and intrusion detection features are quite good because you can see exactly who is attacking you and who is getting blocked.

The antivirus is good. Since they changed over to a new provider (GFI), we haven't had issues with it.

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General Manager at Gays Hops-n-Schnapps

We have five locations and, for the person who controls it we have it set up in our main office. The ease of access, of being able to change a voice message, it links to that. The person who controls it can approve it and then she just plays it. That's great for when we have to do a holiday message or special events are happening. We love that feature. 

I love the VPN that we set up. A few of us have it on our computers so that if we leave, we can still access the stores. And we can work from home if needed. When I sign into that Kerio VPN, it links me like I'm sitting in the store. It puts me in our secure network so that I can sign on to each individual store and I can run numbers. We work through ICS Vision for our stores. We have a corporate plus five stores and it lets me link to all that. If I have to work from home, it's so much faster than the way we used to do it. It saves me a couple hours of each time I use it from home. It also saves me from having to drive in.

It's the overall ease of everything. It seems to have pretty seamless connectivity for linking our stores.

Also, the firewall and intrusion detection features seem to keep people out of our servers. I know it's a little bit of a process to try to link something new into it because the firewall is very secure, but we haven't had any issues with malware attacks on our end so it must be stopping them.

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ICT Manager at MEDS

The firewall appliance itself is the most valuable feature.

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IT and Operations Manager at a financial services firm with 1-10 employees

I really like their general IT.

I like how it's possible for me to block other countries immediately if I see the need to do so.

The initial setup is a breeze.

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Senior Systems Tech/Admin at a computer software company with 1-10 employees

The solution is easy to manage. Kerio Control is unique compared to other firewalls because it has been around since 2000 when we switched and the name it started with was WinRoute, and then later became Kerio Control. It evolved over time and it is more of a proprietary firewall on its own and has been developed through open source.

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MD at Comsque

1. The built-in anti-virus and perimeter security. 

2. The VPN feature.

1. The anti-virus and perimeter security functionality minimizes vulnerabilities in our network and better secures our data. This also decreases downtime of devices due to viruses and malware attacks. 

2. The VPN functionality has allowed staff to have stable remote connectivity on a secure and encrypted connection. This has improved the ability to get work done smarter and efficiently whilst working remotely (or from home).

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IT Consultant at ArioRasaneh

The most valuable features of Kerio Control are the IPS and traffic rules. The traffic rules are very user-friendly and the IPS is working well. Additionally, the anti-virus is effective with quick options, such as filtering.

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IT manager at ABITec s.r.o.

I find this solution to be rich in features and does all that I require. For example, it is easily manageable and has comprehensive virus detection. 

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IT Director at a comms service provider with 1-10 employees

I consider all of the features to be valuable. 

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