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Network Troubleshooting Questions
Evgeny Belenky
PeerSpot (formerly IT Central Station)
Oct 11 2021
Hi dear professionals, Last week all social media and newspapers have been talking about the Facebook outage (October 4th).  Facebook has issued this update by Santosh Janardhan (VP of Infrastructure). What exactly has happened there? Are we talking just about a human error? How could it have b...
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Hassan Shozeb
Network System Engineer at Mutex Systems limited
Sep 13 2021
Hi community, I am using Cisco Catalyst 3560G which was not in use for a while.  When I start the switch, firstly it hangs during boot then I reset it multiple times and then the page (see below) appears on the console but I'm not able to run any command. Secondly, all ports are not respondin...
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Matthew FrickIt appears that you are in RONMON mode for that switch, which limits… more »
Greg PlanteIn order to recover from rommon you will need to re-install an OS on the switch… more »
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