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Business Performance Management Questions
Charles C
Investment Director at a non-profit with 1-10 employees
Aug 10 2021

Hello, I'm checking Business Intelligence solutions for an industrial company and I'm looking for your inputs on whether Board is better than Anaplan.


Chang GengUsually, we say Board provides lots of toolkits to achieve both CPM and BI. But… more »
Gene HammonsWe've had several FP&A departments include Anaplan in their analytics… more »
Rob ThorpeI would say that Board and Anaplan are mainly used for FP&A and not BI.  As a… more »
6 Answers
PeerSpot (formerly IT Central Station)

With so many different options of business performance management (BPM) software, what do you recommend for a large enterprise? 

What makes the software that you recommend a good choice for a large company?

Niels DoelemanWhat do you mean with Business Performance Management Software? Probably it's my… more »
Kim NachazelMost BPM software are designed to accommodate large enterprise.  I think the… more »
2 Answers