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SoapUI Pro Room for Improvement

Architect at Cognizant

It is limited to scope and risk services only. It does have some support for JMS, but it is not out-of-the-box; you have to do some tweaks here and there. They should improve the scope, and the message should not be limited to SOAP and REST services but also include other protocols and message formats so that people who have other requirements, other than SOAP and REST services, can also think of the solution.

Otherwise, if you have 15 to 20% of automation other than SOAP and REST services, you would have to go to some other tools because it is not fully covered by SoapUI Pro.

As for pain points, reporting is one. It's a bit difficult to filter out or to customize the report. It will be an either everything or nothing kind of report. Reporting also should have a flexible customization option.

When I do a 10,000 testing execution, I don't have the option to filter out the report that is generated. This makes it even impossible on a Windows system to open that report because of the size of the file. It will capture each and every request and each and every SQL period, as a result of the SQL period. So, it is too heavy for Windows to handle it.

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Automation test lead

Grouping of the cases is not possible in SoapUI, to my knowledge. When working with critical cases or the, we were not able to group them properly. We can definitely create a suite and add them there, but within a whole suite, we have to identify them, which was not easy.

When we ran a batch of test cases, we were not able to initiate the next batch automatically. When one suite was completed, we had to trigger another the next test suite manually. That means something from one test suite to another. Suppose, there are 10 test cases in the first suite and another 10 in the second. We have to initiate the first 10 cases and then the second. When we were triggering from the project level, it failed to move from the first suite to the second, and I'm not sure why. But that was something maybe related to the code, not the tool.

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Senior QA Engineer at a tech services company with 1,001-5,000 employees

It is helpful for individuals, however for a big team, for example, if I change any code in my project, for my colleague, it's difficult for them to use the same. This is the drawback. It's not ideal for teams and works best for individuals. If someone makes edits, it needs to be shared. 

We would like it to be possible to share code in order to effectively work together.

Occasionally, when you are saving, the solution can hang. You might have to close it down and start again. 

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Senior Consultant

In the beginning—I think it may have been the prior version—there was a lot of lag, but as the version updated, the lag decreased. SoapUI would also benefit from some more customization abilities. It's a good interface, but it would be nice if they added the ability to build custom dashboards where the user can do their own bar graphs and pie charts. It would be helpful from a management point of view. That way, the user can easily be able to know the status of the project. 

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Lead QA Analyst at Loomis Express

There are no bugs or glitches, but a few features available only in the Pro version could be made available in the open-source version. Some of the features do not necessarily need to be only available to Pro users. The data generator would be really useful for the open-source version users.

The Pro version can be expensive for some companies.

For automation commands, it should be able to do what SmartBear is doing with ReadyAPI. They could filter on few things and pass on few things to SoapUI. The user database of SoapUI is bigger than ReadyAPI software.

As far as scripting is concerned, there should be consistency. For example, to declare a namespace, different syntaxes are used. Such things should be made consistent across SoapUI.

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Middleware Technical Analyst at a comms service provider with 10,001+ employees

I think their user-information sites should be better defined by SoapUI. For example, if I want to hit that virtualize server, let's say, with a 100K load — what is the bare minimum requirement? That kind of definition is not available anywhere. If that level of measurement could be given, that would be really helpful.

Tool-wise, I find no technical limitations as such. It's all as expected. It all depends on how much memory and how much you want to allocate. That's pretty typical for this type of solution.

I suppose the GUI could be slightly improved.

Right now, we don't have a way to capture the JVM stacks either for the virtualization or for the service when using SoapUI Pro for load testing.

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Senior Test Manager at a logistics company with 5,001-10,000 employees

Stability has been an issue for us. It needs to be looked at and made a bit better.

The load testing performance needs to be adjusted. It could work much more effectively, in my opinion.

They should work on the pricing of the solution. Right now, we find it to be overly expensive.

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Project Manager at Atlant Inc.

The documentation needs to be improved because the interface is not easy for a first-time user.

It would be better if the price of this solution was lowered.

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Learn what your peers think about SoapUI Pro. Get advice and tips from experienced pros sharing their opinions. Updated: January 2022.
563,780 professionals have used our research since 2012.