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Symantec End-User Endpoint Security Room for Improvement

Computer Systems Administrator at a university with 10,001+ employees

It wasn't a very good solution overall, which is why we ended up replacing it.

Most organizations are choosing a next-gen antivirus, one that's based on artificial intelligence. Symantec Endpoint Protection was one of those legacy products that have been around forever. Symantec was a spinoff from Norton. Norton Antivirus was one of the very first antiviruses to come out in the 1980s. Symantec was very highly rated at one point in its life. It never really caught on to the new trends and antivirus protection. And so it still relied on things like a database of virus signatures that would need to get downloaded and then files would be checked for those signatures.

Modern antiviruses don't do that. They're based on behavior. They're based on intelligence algorithms. They're honed by artificial intelligence and machine learning from data collected all over the world. And so for that reason, the next-gen antiviruses are much more efficient at detecting viruses. They also take up a lighter load on the computer.

Next-generation is behavior-based detection rather than signature-based detection. Symantec tried to be a hybrid between the two. It had a behavior-based component called SONAR, however, it was still mostly a signature-based software antivirus application. For that reason, you can never keep up with all the mutations and viruses, and you can't keep up with malicious behavior that isn't based on viruses. Things like downloaded PowerShell scripts, things that computers can do with the components that they already have without needing to put any virus on the computer. A lot of malicious attacks, government-backed attacks, don't use any kind of foreign software. They take advantage of vulnerabilities within existing operating systems like Microsoft Windows or the various versions of Linux or the Mac operating system. They don't need to put additional software on the computer to compromise them.

That, in a nutshell, is why we switched to a next-gen antivirus. Next-gen antiviruses have probably been around for about five or six years. Some of the old companies made the transition to them seamlessly. Symantec didn't. It remained wedded to the old technology and that made it, you could say, a has-been.

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Sr. Professional Services Engineer at a computer software company with 11-50 employees

I think Symantec, like many of its competitors, doesn't have comprehensive built-in reporting. The product keeps improving, but reporting and alerting is not keeping pace, and these are critical.

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Network Administrator at a pharma/biotech company with 51-200 employees

We have had some problems with the Symantec solution. The problems were bad enough that I was compelled to start to research into other products. The biggest issue was the whitelisting feature. The Symantec software has a feature that detects certain things as malicious and it takes care of the issue. It is supposed to do that. Sometimes the things it flags are not real issues — they are essentially false positives. Sometimes there are things we want it to let through that it would otherwise flag. We put these things on a whitelist so they get allowed. We were having a problem keeping a particular file on the whitelist. It was an EXE and Symantec kept flagging it even when it was whitelisted.  

To fix the issue, we had to do in-house software development. We had to run some extra code. The process was not smooth and, in the long run, it basically did not work. The support by Symantec on the issue was of no further help and it remained a problem.  

A feature that seems to be missing from Symantec is reporting on external devices. For example, if a remote user gets a virus on their computer and they are accessing our system, I want to know. The Symantec agent should be checking this in the cloud and informing us that a particular end-user got a virus. I should get a report or alert somehow. The computer in question should be isolated — or something like that — to mitigate the potential of the threat. Instead, nothing happens.   

The enterprise product that we have now does not have that feature. Maybe Symantec has that feature implemented in other products, but I do not know about it. Maybe it is not there at all or maybe it is some type of cloud feature. But the end result is I have looked for the solution in the product, can not find it, support did not inform me that it can be resolved, and we are essentially left with a vulnerability. That is really not acceptable.   

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IT Director at a comms service provider with 10,001+ employees

Today, it's just a question of understanding the update package of the operating system as the antivirus software in and of itself is not enough.

This is due to the fact that if I have not updated Windows, I have a huge breach of security. The idea for us, from our point of view, is that the antivirus needs to understand how if Windows is safe. If the operating system is safe, the antiviral has less work to do. From a security point of view, both of them need to work together. It's not just the task of the antivirus to keep all the computers safe. The operating system needs to be updated too.

The operating system and the antivirus need to communicate better with each other and exchange information so that I know everything is secure. It needs to be more clear when things aren't aligned and need to be repaired, in order to avoid the risk of a security breach.

The technical support could be a bit better.

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We have many issues with the way that Symantec is a data entity in our active directory. 

We need to protect all personal devices such as mobile phones. We can't do it at the moment via this product. It is a very important aspect that is missing at this moment. If they could add mobile detection, that would be ideal. Currently, we are using a lot of mobiles as we work from our home. 

The support needs to be better. When we upgrade, we can run into issues, and it's hard to get the help we require.

Newer versions can be a bit less stable.

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Senior Network Engineer at a government with 10,001+ employees

This solution is resource-heavy. It uses up a lot of memory and a lot of disk space. It demands a lot of resources. There have been improvements with Windows 10 and it's not as problematic.

The firewall capabilities did not seem to do what the documentation claimed it should do.

Port control is one of the things that this solution does do, but it does it on a higher level. When I say port control, it's things like USB ports that can be used to plug things in. For example, if you plug in a wired mouse or a wireless mouse then you want the flexibility to be able to do that. It should be able to identify that it is a mouse and let you use it. 

By the same token, if you plug in a 1 TB external hard drive, that should be shut down unless it is one of your hard drives. The only way to detect that would be to have units with their own serial number and the system programmed in such a way that it would recognize it.

Seagate for example has many external drives. They have serial numbers on those drives, and we don't want to just set it up for use by any Seagate drive. We want our external drives to be used, only. We don't want to have to go purchase Seagate drives to have it work. We want them to get it from us, that we know works, and have them return it to us.

I would like to see a check-in system where you can log which specific drives your staff can access and what they cannot access.

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Director at a consultancy with 201-500 employees

I'm not sure if the solution can improve that much more. Right now, for me, I'm asking the question "How does Defender stack up against the product we're paying for?" 

Defender comes with Windows 10 and we have Windows 10 throughout our environment. With that being free, we're asking ourselves why we would pay for another solution that's sort of redundant.

I know they were just bought out by Broadcom and there have been some difficulties with Broadcom as far as getting license renewals, etc. Mostly, due to the fact that it's confusing, even for the vendor, people are turned off by it. The vendors are telling us that it can take weeks for them to get a renewal quote, nevermind the actual renewal.

I've actually had to call Symantec myself because my vendor said "Well, we're going to try it, but it's going to take weeks to get an answer from them." In the end, it was internally expedited and I got the answer the next day, however, that's an exception, not the rule.

I know a number of people that have left just because of the fact that when Broadcom first bought them, and their licensing ran out, the company provided a temporary license and then another instead of dealing with a proper license. One had to argue for another renewal or for them to promise to give them the proper license in the third month. He finally got it, however, it took three months of begging. That doesn't seem right.

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Director at a consultancy with 10,001+ employees

We'd like to have a solution that offers a single pane of glass that would allow us to integrate all of our traffic and solutions under one umbrella so that we can look at all the incidents in one place. 

The product needs to be well versed in the security landscape to best protect us from malicious attacks, as we've seen a rise in activity.

The agent shouldn't use up so many resoures at the endpoint when scanning and protecting.

There needs to be better communication, back and forth, between on-site teams and off-site users. If something is happening off-site there should be some sort of logging or details that can be shared with the main office.

The solution needs to do a better job at scanning video links. 

There have been instances where we haven't been able to find the root causes of alerts.

The size of the footprint of the software is too high. It's quite heavy.

Network and cloud scanning coverage needs to be expanded and improved upon.

The functionality could be much better.

There also needs to be more training offers to companies to help understand the technology and its capabilities a bit better. 

Technical support is not great. They are not responsive. 

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Technical Manager at Mignet Technologies

More control features can be added, and its performance can also be better. Sometimes, the performance is not good when we access the cloud console. Moving to each tab is slow. 

The dashboard can be a little bit user-friendly. For some users, it is a bit difficult. If someone is a little bit familiar with it, then it is fine. Otherwise, it is hard to find policies in Symantec.

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Manager IS Security at a manufacturing company with 5,001-10,000 employees

It would be great if the solution could match up with the competition's offerings - for example, making sure they are keeping up with, for example, CrowdStrike and other offerings.

They need to ensure they are continuously keeping up with cybersecurity trends.

If the next release contained advanced threat protection and EDR, et cetera, it would be really fantastic.

If the agent can be minimized so that it can work with in-memory concepts, that would be ideal. As of now, it is file-based, signature-based. If they should come with an in-memory option, it should work at the random-access memory level also. 

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System Analyst at Abbey Mortgage Bank

Sophos's ransomware protection gives you some kind of comparative advantage over Symantec. Symantec needs to be better in this regard.

The monitoring capabilities could be further developed. For example, you get Sophos Central in Sophos. In Symantec, I don't know if there is an equivalent. You can actually manage and do deployment across the various geo-locations on every single point, however, Sophos is a cross-platform solution and Symantec is not. 

Sophos Central gives me a one-stop-shop on one page that allows me to monitor all activities going on in my network. Symantec doesn't have that.

The initial setup can be a bit complex.

The scalability could be a bit easier.

We're not too happy with the level of technical support we get.

The pricing is okay, however, it could be more competitive.

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Project Manager at a real estate/law firm with 10,001+ employees

We've had some issues with the performance. There have been some minor hiccups. Now it's better. Initially, it had some issues, not for all, but some of the systems only. We had applied a fix that was released in the 14.1 version. By 14.2 they fixed the issue. Ever since we applied 14.2, it's good.

During the scanning time, it could be less intrusive for the users. Right now, it's not exactly working quietly in the background.

Technical support could be more responsive.

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Network Administrator at Cape Breton Regional Municipality

The platform itself can be improved as there's no way to track how infections get into the organization. You're just notified if there is an instance. Still, there's no way to actually determine a workflow of how it actually came in, how it was executed, and how it was distributed within the enterprise if indeed it did migrate or propagate through.

It would be really good if they had a proactive feature to isolate the node with the agent on the endpoint when it sees some type of erroneous behavior and knock it off the network. Then it can't probably get onto another node. You can usually do that with a policy setting.

It'll also help if they give us more of an explanation of what the malware tries to do once it's on the network. For example, if it's trying to call home to a specific IP or domain. We can use that information to beef up the firewall rules.

Case in point, we had an issue where we had a machine that was affected. It immediately tried to find other machines on that network segment with the same vulnerability to infect that particular node. There was no way to lock that node down immediately when you see something out of the ordinary.

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Sr. Windows Analysts at a engineering company with 10,001+ employees

Every time an OS comes out, I have to upgrade the Symantec product. They don't know how to patch it. If they would produce a patch instead of uninstalling or installing over the current version and rebooting I'd be a lot happier with the product. 

As far as what it attacks and how good it is and its job I don't really care. It drives me nuts because every time I have to do a feature update it requires a new version of SAP. Then, I have to go through the silly process of putting it into the configuration manager, running tests and upgrading it, and making customers reboot their machines. It should make a pass and be done with it.

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Systems Administrator at a pharma/biotech company with 51-200 employees

I would really like some of the features that are available in Kaspersky Enterprise to be available in the client version of this solution.

In the next release of this solution, I would like to see more to do with malware, encryption technology, and controlling mobile devices. I would like to be able to protect my wireless equipment at that level.

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Cyber Security Engineer, Team Lead at a retailer with 10,001+ employees

They provide the updates of the client, and those clients need a reboot after the upgrade, which is something we don't like. We don't like to reboot the server after the upgrade because we have live applications. If we do a reboot, it can impact the business as well.

It sometimes behaves unusually. It sometimes stops our full services, and if we didn't upgrade to the better version or current version on the server, many a time, it blocks Microsoft patch upgrades. 

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Manager Operations/ Information Technology at a financial services firm with 1-10 employees

As for improvement, it would be good to have Symantic End-User Endpoint Security integrate more with other cloud computing providers rather than being a standalone product.

The spam filter is something that you can't control, and you can't set the filter to intercept different types of emails. We certainly don't have any control over what can be adjusted in the actual filter. So, we still have a 50/50 chance of a suspect email being legitimate or not.

It would be good if they can partner with one of the other big players who provides enterprise software that includes it with the product rather than having to buy their software separately.

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System Administrator at Suez Canal Insurance

I would like to see improvements in the anti-virus and the device control features.

Anti-Virus: I would like to see Symantec improve the ant-virus to stop and detect Ransomware and email attachments. Symantec is weak with Ransomware. I would like to see the anti-spam for Outlook improve the scanning and blocking of attachments.

Device control: I would like to see an improvement in the USB control, because it sometimes creates a conflict with USB printers.

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Dy General Manager at a real estate/law firm with 501-1,000 employees

The Sandboxing and ATP functionality does not integrate very well, improving this would be helpful. Additionally, having a single console that allows interaction with other security products would be great.

A lot of people have moved to their homes because of the pandemic and this has made endpoint security a crucial part of our protection against threats. Having full integration is very important for all the hardware to work together. If there is any strange network behaviour, all the hardware should work the first time to bring the security flaw forward to be actioned and solved. This only can happen if there are proper communication and integration with other hardware products.

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Sr Manager IT at a retailer with 5,001-10,000 employees

The solution is very difficult to uninstall. There isn't really a way to uninstall the product at all, which is quite a headache.

It's also complicated to upgrade the product. They need to make these aspects much easier.

Sometimes the solution will just randomly stop working. I'm not sure why this happens.

The licensing aspects of the solution could be improved.

I haven't used the product for about five or six months at this point, so it's hard to say which features they are missing and new items may have been added since then.

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Manager at a comms service provider with 1,001-5,000 employees

It can maybe send notifications when there is an update and everything is successful.

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Information Technology Executive at JFE Shoji Steel India Pvt. Ltd.

We are not satisfied with the technical support. Since Broadcom took over responsibility for its engagement, we have faced many issues. This is why we wish to switch to a different antivirus solution. We are currently in contact with the relevant distributors and suppliers in regards to this issue. We do not wish to encounter the same challenges that we face at present. Before switching to Sophos, we would first have to ensure that all our support-related concerns are addressed.

When an issue happens in my cell, we can log in a ticket on the Symantec or Broadcom websites. From this point, the response time is very slow. Sometimes technical support lacks a proper or firsthand knowledge of an issue and finds itself lacking in the appropriate response. We feel this to be very irritating. The customer wishes for the issue to be resolved, but tech support has shown itself to be inadequate in dealing with enterprise tech products. 

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Director for Cybersecurity Solutions at a tech services company with 11-50 employees

It can be improved in terms of features and integration. It should have more advanced features and more integration. Currently, it is just talking to their own solutions. They could add more artificial intelligence, more XDR, and more integration with other vendors so that we can do sharing of information with other vendors.

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Project Manager at a tech services company with 51-200 employees

The localization could be better. It could be more friendly for local users.

It's a solution that's only in English. It makes it difficult if you, for example, speak a different language. If that's the case, and you don't understand English well, you might struggle to understand aspects of the product. They need to develop a multi-language interface.

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Head of IT Department at a construction company with 1,001-5,000 employees

I would like to be able to migrate to the cloud so that the end-users outside the company offices don't need a VPN to connect to the Symantec server to update the policies. They should be able to connect to the admin center directly through the internet to get updated policies.

There is some integration issue with the other security appliances or tools. Other hardware, firewall, or Network Detection and Response (NDR) solution vendors are not willing to integrate with Symantec. They only mention products from other vendors such as CrowdStrike and Carbon Black. Symantec is not there. Symantec should work on integration with products from other security vendors.

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IT manager at a transportation company with 10,001+ employees

I'd like to see a full anti-ransomware solution because there are some anti-ransomware functionalities that would assist us if they were included in the solution. 

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System Administrator at a consultancy with 51-200 employees

We are not satisfied with this solution. It needs a lot of improvements. It doesn't detect the most recent malware and unknown threats. With most of the users working from home these days, there is also a need for some extra security layer. That's why we are thinking of going for a better solution that will take care of all of our endpoints and work from home situation.

Symantec also has to work on EDI technology. Vendors like Palo Alto and Cisco are coming with their own intelligence and cloud infrastructure in which unknown threats are regularly watched and monitored, and they are reported to the admin.

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Technical Manager at Digital World

After selling this product, what we have observed is that the system gets slower, which is a major issue.

We would also like to see better pricing. It's almost double when compared to other products.

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Manager VAPT at a financial services firm with 1,001-5,000 employees

The solution already has support for Windows, Mac, and Linux but it could improve by having better support for Linux. We have run into some problems when there are upgrades. If they can improve this point, Symantec would be good for endpoint protection as well as for a critical server.

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General Manager at a consultancy with 51-200 employees

We are not very happy with the solution and are in the process of moving away from it. 

Owing to its limitations, we are currently moving towards EDR products, which we find to be more dynamic. 

The solution could be more secure and scalable. 

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Credits Incharge at a financial services firm with 201-500 employees

Some vendors are starting to give Symantec Endpoint Security a run for their money. Even Symantec's basic DLP features are getting to a point where they're good enough for some organizations' endpoint security needs. The company should be anticipating this. It might be a good idea to introduce some additional features to Symantec Endpoint Security.

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Regulatory Specialist at a healthcare company with 501-1,000 employees

The reporting could be improved.

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IT Specialist at a educational organization with 201-500 employees

Since the acquisition by Broadcom, we are no longer receiving the proper support. Otherwise, we had no specific point points while using this solution.

This product would be improved with the inclusion of EDR functionality.

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Executive Cybersecurity Advisor - President at a tech services company with 11-50 employees

The console in general could be improved. There are two consoles. There's an on-prem console and a hosted console, but the on-prem console doesn't do the product justice — it's a bit cumbersome.

It could use more feature parity between what is offered with their on-prem console as well as their hosted console.

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Manager IT & Infrastructure at a energy/utilities company with 201-500 employees

The solution could improve by adding encryption. If it had encryption along with antivirus it would be better.

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IT Systems Supervisor at a insurance company with 51-200 employees

They lack the visibility you get in a heuristical, artificial, AI type of product, like a next-gen antivirus. They lack the visibility of what's happening that your next-gen solutions offer.

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Information Technology Manager at a performing arts with 51-200 employees

I think it's a good product but we've had some problems with their support and service. From the beginning of this year, I haven't been able to reach their support. 

Last year, the support wasn't bad but this year I wanted to renew their license, but I can't reach anybody from their company.

We don't have any plans to replace them but we haven't been able to renew a license. 

Sometimes there is a conflict with Windows 10 updates. There is a Windows server or Windows workstation startup after installing the new Windows update. We contacted Microsoft and they said the device caused an issue.

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System Analyst with 201-500 employees

It would be perfect if it is capable of detecting or checking ransomware.

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Sr India Admin at Aon Corporation

Symantec End-point production doesn't support the EDR function.

There are certain drawbacks regarding deployment. We have to leverage other things like PPM.
Another major drawback is that we can't do the deployment from the console itself. We have to depend on other products technically.

The reporting is not as good.

Check detection could be improved as well.

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IT Systems Supervisor at a insurance company with 51-200 employees

They are lacking the visibility that you get in a heuristical, next-generation AI product. 

In the next release, I would like to see any of the features the next generation antivirus and GAV products have, especially the heuristical and the behavioral analysis. It looks at the behavior of the endpoint, and that is how it identifies something that is not to your normal pattern of working.

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Improvation Security System Engineer at a healthcare company with 10,001+ employees

It needs to die. In my opinion, Symantec was a really great security company, 10, 15 years ago. They went out, they bought all the great tools and then they never did anything with them. So they've just fallen behind and there's nothing that's going to work now to bring them back up the date that's going to regain user confidence.

In order to improve, I would like to see active remediation tools, where I can connect to systems and do things directly on the system without having to leave the tool.

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Technology Strategy Consultant at a tech services company with 10,001+ employees

I would like things to be cheaper in the next release, although I cannot say which specific function I am referencing.

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CEO Iberia & Latam at a recruiting/HR firm with 10,001+ employees

There are several new products that offer better protection.

The artificial intelligence of Symantec End-User Endpoint Security could be better.

The web filter could be improved.

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Chief information technology officer Executive at a financial services firm with 11-50 employees

We have issues when we install in older systems, such as Windows 7, it's difficult to carry out the set up on these systems.

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Corporate IT Manager at a pharma/biotech company with 11-50 employees

It would be interesting if Symantec Endpoint protection could also manage Windows Defender. If they were to add a feature, it would be nice if you could see the Symantec client and the Windows Defender client in case you choose to deploy both.

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Network Server Analyst at Everport Terminal Services

Managements' number one item on the "Wish List" would have to do with the real-time scan of external media inserted into any client.

A secondary concern is software compatibility with other important networked tools: WSUS, Desktop Central, etc, without a large number of exception rules. 

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Industrial Automation Analyst at a mining and metals company with 1,001-5,000 employees

The solution could improve by having a better graphical interface.

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IT Manager at a hospitality company with 51-200 employees

There is room for improvement in the zero-day threat detection system.

In the next release of this solution, the email integration could improve.

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Learn what your peers think about Symantec End-User Endpoint Security. Get advice and tips from experienced pros sharing their opinions. Updated: November 2021.
552,695 professionals have used our research since 2012.