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What is Zepl?

Zepl enables data science teams to rapidly explore, analyze and collaborate around their cloud data. In just minutes, Zepl brings machine learning at scale to data scientists, data engineers, data analysts, team managers and executives. Used by high tech, financial services, pharmaceutical, IoT, and automotive companies, Zepl changes the game by automating model-driven insights in a highly secure manner. Zepl rapidly accelerates experimentation, frictionless collaboration, training of ML models, and transforms customers from reactive to proactive enterprises through the use of powerful machine learning insights. Try Zepl for free today at www.zepl.com.

Buyer's Guide

Download the Data Science Platforms Buyer's Guide including reviews and more. Updated: January 2022

Zepl Customers

Samsung, Boulder, American Express, AT & T, Bank-Of-America, Charles Schwab, Cisco, Citi, Comcast

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