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Cisco ISE (Identity Services Engine) vs Fortinet FortiNAC: which solution is better and why?


I'm researching these two solutions: Cisco ISE (Identity Services Engine) and Fortinet FortiNAC. And I'm looking for recommendations on which product to choose and why?

Thank you for your help!

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My preference would be HPE/Aruba's Clearpass product over either of these 2 products, although Clearpass really shines when using the Wireless Guest and OnBoarding functions.  The authentication functionality is good and very complete with hooks to tie into external servers such as Google Admin Console for Chromebooks and JAMF for Apple devices.  

I haven't seen the latest incarnation of ISE, but my understanding is that it is a complete product.  

FortiNAC is the old Bradford Systems NAC solution.  Fortinet has recently added the ability for it to be a standalone RADIUS server for wireless WPA2-Enterprise implementations.  

Prior to that, it was essentially a MAC address repository that checked each device connecting to a network and then changed the VLAN for the device through SNMP and direct commands sent to the switches. Very old-school NAC.  

I was hoping that perhaps the added RADIUS functionality would allow standard Wired-802.1x and wireless WPA2 functionality. Tested this at a customer a couple of months ago and it failed completely. Without that functionality, you will need a separate RADIUS server in addition to FortiNAC.  

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Hi @Sean Muller ​, @Manjil Bhetwal ​, @Ahmed-Fawzy ​and @Nayef Hamzeh. Possibly, you can assist here? ​ Thank you!

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