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Commvault vs Rubrik, which is better?


One of the most popular comparisons on IT Central Station is Commvault vs Rubrik.

One user says about Commvault, "The capacity savings of this approach led to significant cost savings on the long-term retention of data in the cloud for us."

Another user says about Rubrik, "This has become our go-to solution for disaster recovery requirements for many of our applications. The great part is we don’t have to build out DR VMs to sit there and do nothing, instead we can deploy a snapshot from production when needed."

In your experience, which is better and why?

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If you would like a solution that requires constant babysitting and restarting agents, then Commvault is for you. If you would love to be upsold to backup more than your backup server can handle, then Commvault is for you. If during that process you would like your deduplication engine to die, and lose the ability to use all of your backups, then Commvault is for you.

If you would like something that just works and keeps doing it without further effort, then Rubrik is for you.

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If you have a simple environment with a small infrastructure team and Rubrik will do everything you need, Rubrik is a strong solution. Commvault is the most complete data protection solution if you have a complex environment and need a more flexible range of recovery methods, but you will need dedicated Commvault administrators because it’s a beast.

Another point is that in general, I don’t like physical appliance-based solutions like Rubrik, because the hardware and software go EOL together. Software solutions like Commvault retain their value through successive hardware life cycles, you just keep updating the software and replacing the hardware.

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not being biased.

Commvault and Rubrik both are good, they have there own use cases, looking for autoscaleout and hardware based architecture, protecting more VM's or VM's only Rubrik can be considered.

Commvault is good in all, scaleout is new, they have very good hand on Applications and they develop continuously for support.

Software only solution no vendor hardware lockin go for commvault.
looking for all in one and scaleout, less application heavy Rubrik/Cohesity can be considered.

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from my Opinion at the Moment CVLT is the better Solution than Rubrik because of following aspects:

- flexible Deployment options (Physical, Virtual and Cloud)
- highly scalable Software only Solution
- mature and feature-rich Code Base (Deduplication, Compression, Secure Access, HW Snapshot, Blocklevel, Instant Access)
- nearly any APP, System or Cloud can be integrated without Scripting
- nearly unlimited Tuning parameters to customize this as the product has been grown more than 10 Years on the market
- Company with long year focus and real life experience in enterprise projects
- Open Platform no Vendor Lock-In Strategie
- Great Engineering and Support organization

In the past pricing / licensing structure has been often the killer for Midsize Companies to buy into a CVLT solution – that’s why Veeam has been successful
with the new Licensing schema and pricing this should be fixed.

Rubrik to my eyes primarily pushes the market with the following messages:
- ease of use (Preconfigured Policies)
- quick installation (Appliance Design)
- Webscale Architecture
- Instant Access for Test/DEV (near zero RTO)

A Customer must greatly benefit from most of these as the total cost of the Rubrik solution might be higher than a “legacy” CVLT Solution.
The risk is that Rubrik currently has only / limited mainstream Application Support, DEV Team may require a long time to cope with upcoming Customer requests.

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We looked at Commvault and Rubrik and ended up going with Cohesity. We are using it both to store backups and as a file server to replace windows file servers so Cohesity was the best fit for us.

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As per my opinion. Rubrik is better than Commvault.

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I have not used either product. Recently, I became a reseller partner for Datto, which only sells through the (MSP) channel.

Right now, I am focusing on their business continuity tools for Office 365 and G Suite.

Their main business continuity tool for businesses with on-premises servers is the SIRIS 3 appliance, which is an excellent fit for healthcare.

In software-based solutions, I look most heavily at Veeam,

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Really for me, ARCSERVE UDP is the best answer for your ask. It does both questions very well.

Your Strategy for SMB, integrating Backup (Tape, Disc, Cloud), Appliances, DRP, BC, Archiving is the winner.

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Unfortunately, I have not used either software. But we had a PoC with Commvault and get nearly the same results with our current backup software.And also Commvault was very easy to use.

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There is a cost consideration for both Comvault and Rubrik. A Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) provider such as GDL provides the infrastructure for on-premise backup/offsite replication/recovery and management, an end to end process for a monthly service fee. There is no egress fees.

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The answer is it depends on your individual situation both products have their merits.

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