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How do I deploy anti-spam in pfSense or SonicWall TZ?

Hi professionals, I'd like to deploy anti-spam protection using pfSense or SonicWall TZ. 

Can anyone help me out?


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22 Answers

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Just purchase an anti-spam license and activate it at the SonicWall license portal.

I would like to recommend you SONICWALL HOSTED EMAIL SECURITY ADVANCED. It is more helpful and if you are using Office365 or GSuite, go for SonicWall Cloud App Security.

It is more powerful.

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Hi, for SonicWall you buy a license and on the same firewall you can activate the antispam only in the ingress mode. 

But there is a catch, at the moment they don't support TLS for SMTP so I would recommend their other solution, that has email security for appliance and virtualized on VMware or Hyper-V.

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