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Is anyone using Tosca for Non Functional Testing?

Hi community, 

It appears most groups are using Tricentis Tosca for functional testing... 

I'm just curious if anyone is using Tosca for non-functional testing and how is it working out for you?

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We do. 

We used Tosca when a client was moving their SAP platform from on-prem to in the cloud. The Tosca test scripts were used to establish a baseline performance measure for the on-prem system and then a comparison for the migrated platform. This was more for complex/multi-post and get single user transactions and not transactions at volume. 

We used Neoload to drive load-based testing. Noting that Neoload can drive Tosca test scripts for load generation we didn't leverage that capability in this engagement. 

Hope that helps.

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Tricentis Neoload and Flood is for Non-functional testing. Both tools are fully integrated with the Tosca automation tool.

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From a reliability standpoint, we have Tosca setup with DEX to check some of our production apps to ensure they are up and running.  

We did this because we were noticing that some of our critical Prod apps were going down for some reason.  

So we have Tosca running a quick test to ensure the app is running and if not send out an email notification.
These checks run every 15 minutes.

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I'm aware that some are using this to 'flood' an application with load and to assess performance. I have worked with clients that have used Tosca to benchmark a transaction when re-platforming. It isn't best practice for assessing software performance. Not the use of Tosca just the general practice of testing software performance in this way. I do have a number of clients that use Tosca for checking that a suite of applications are available from a user perspective (for example - as a system health check after a maintenance window). This is quite common, successful and a good use case for a test automation tool that drives the UI.

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Tosca is used for Automation testing in T-Mobile account in AppsNA BU. Kindly connect with them for more details.

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To date, I have only been utilising Tosca for functional testing. My experience is limited to one client, one product.

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I am not aware of anyone using TOSCA for Non-functional testing. Although the question is not clear as there are multiple non-functional testing. Is the question regarding the performance test or HA-DR test or stress test?

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Good point! I was referring to Negative, Failover, Negative and Shakedown testing.

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