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Is Board better than Anaplan as a Business Intelligence (BI) solution?

Hello, I'm checking Business Intelligence solutions for an industrial company and I'm looking for your inputs on whether Board is better than Anaplan.


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Usually, we say Board provides lots of toolkits to achieve both CPM and BI. But, the Anaplan mainly focuses on CPM solutions.

If the enduser doesn't have any existing planning strategy, maybe they can refer to Anaplan solution directly and easily.

If the enduser already has a clear planning strategy, and they just want to find a tool to achieve it, maybe Board is a better choice because its smart toolkits can be used easily and give more possibilities.

BTW, if you want to fully use the BI function (colourful charts, dashboard, multi-dimensional analysis), Board will be absolutely better.

Just for your reference.

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I would say that Board and Anaplan are mainly used for FP&A and not BI. 

As a small company, I would suggest using either Power BI or ThoughtSpot. With Power BI you will need some technical, data, analytical expertise either in-house or from a 3rd party. ThoughtSpot MSP may be the answer depending on your use case as there are packages around smaller organizations where you pay for the software already hosted on AWS and services included, all you need to do is provide data, it will be modelled as part of the service then you can search across the data as much as you want. I have a good example of a non for profit organisation using this.  

I'm happy to help if you would like some further advice. 

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Tableau + SAP ( Hana) is a perfect combination.

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@reviewer1399407 the author has asked about the two specific products. How is this reply related to the question? Can you please elaborate? Thanks

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Charles as Investment Director for an industrial company with only 1-10 employees, you may find that the SaaS costs of both BOARD and Anaplan are beyond your budget or need.  

Happy to engage in a 1-2-1 to analyse requirements and if necessary make appropriate recommendations.

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Hello @Muskan Jhingan, @Chang Geng, @Sumanth NR. Can you please share your professional opinion with @Charles C?​  

Thank you!

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