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Issue with upgrade of IBM ACM on RHEL 6.10 (hosted on VMWare ESXi-6.7) - looking for advice

Hi peers,

We have a legacy system: IBM-ACM on the RHEL (RED HAT ENTERPRISE LINUX) 5.8 version. We have upgraded IBM-ACM with the required minimum version: RHEL 6.10. The upgrade from RHEL-5.8 to RHEL-6.10 was successful. Everything is hosted on VMWare ESXi-6.7.

But we have a problem with the keyboard and the mouse which are not working (VNC Viewer is working fine though).

We have tested on VMWare ESXi-6.5 and the system is working fine but on VMWare ESXi 6.7 the issue exists.

All possible efforts & workarounds are done but no progress. Workaround regarding KDE, GNome, Glib, Kdesdk, VMware tools, compatibility metrics, haldaemon, xorg, startx, run levels - all done but there is no progress. 

Has anyone faced & resolved this (or a similar one) issue? 

Any potential directions and help are greatly appreciated.

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Hi @Abbasi Poonawala ​, @Chris Childerhose ​and @SathishKumar. Maybe you can help @Syed Abid Hussain ​with some ideas? 

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