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Veritas NetBackup vs Dell EMC NetWorker - which backup solution is better and why?

Hello community,

I work as the Head of Systems Group at a Financial Services company.

I'm looking for a comparison of these two backup solutions to use in my organization: Veritas NetBackup vs Dell EMC NetWorker.

Which one would you recommend purchasing and why?


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Hi Abdul Ahad (@A. Ahad Alam​),

Well, thanks for the valued query to the community. I will try my best to recommend Veritas NetBackup vs Dell EMC NetWorker but first can you please advise which backup software you are currently using for your backups?

If you are not using any of them then the first thing to work on will be the sizing of your existing & forecasted Front-End and Back-End data with the daily growth rate and your organization's backup policies (including backup cycles, retention policies, then archival of your data later) you are going to plan and execute for the next 3 to 10 years might be more... Because the vital and core count for any available good backup software is what features it can provide and how many of them will be of your use which will be addressing your planned and existing backup policies.

Well, if this information is already in place and you just need a 'Vs' info then both are good whichever suits and addresses your backup requirements and policies the most.

Dell EMC NetWorker provides unification of your backups with a range of protection with rapid recovery of your backups across cloud, physical and virtualized environments and Veritas NetBackup is also doing the same from Edge to the Core to the Cloud.

Hence, the decision is dependent upon the actual requirement and your backup policies totally!

Sufyan Ali Khan


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Hello @Ahmed Sabry , @Amine Koulali Idrissi , @Whitney Gray, @Shehan Attapattu, @Sufyan Khan. Based on your professional experience it seems you should be able to assist  ​@A. Ahad Alam

Thank you for helping our community members!

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@Evgeny Belenky served / assisted - Thanks

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@Sufyan Khan thanks!

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Dell EMC Networker is a basic backup system with limited features and does not provide advanced data protection

Veritas NetBackup is an enterprise-level solution that has all the features your need for small, medium and enterprise-level requirements. It supports all kinds of file system backup, major hypervisor platforms, applications and databases, even bare metal recovery too. Schedule policies are outclass. It is a more reliable solution.

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