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What ALM software do you recommend for building web apps?

Hello professionals, 

What ALM software is best for web app development for a large team?

Thank you!

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Consider the following things

1) If you need Portfolio level management + Requirements + Test Cases + Deployment then go for these tools

2) Microsoft Azure DevOps

3) Inflectra Team
4) IBM Rational Doors Family 

5) Xebrio

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@Rahul Patekar Thanks for your input :)

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My personal experience is with IBM's ELM suite of tools (which I find to be highly scalable and configurable, but lags the competition in terms of an integration ecosystem as well as look and feel).  

However, most of the industry has now shifted from ALM to DevSecOps toolchains. Therefore, you should be considering tools that integrate Agile planning, requirements and test management (i.e. the pillars of ALM) along with SCM, continuous integration, continuous deployment/delivery, continuous testing, continuous monitoring, continuous security, etc. 

There are various vendors that claim to provide coverage for all of these within a single vendor solution (e.g. GitLab, AzureDevOps, AWSDevOps) or you can DIY and integrate your own DevSecOps toolchain from some popular choices.

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The requirement stated is a one-liner and provides little information to dive in.

First, ALM tool is independent of what product you develop, you may use one for gardening as well! So, whether you want the team to develop web-app or anything else, you should think of how the requirements and the organisation as a whole structured. Do you need portfolio management as well as program/project and team management. I am talking about these as you are writing "large team". Also, try to think how interconnected will be the teams, in case the large team is put into smaller teams. How the teams will work, what mode of agile - scrum, kanban, scrumban, SAFe?

Jira, Azure DevOps etc can meet and scale the requirement of large team. For some personal level work where we around 6 people are collaborating, we are using Trello, as we just need a board (Kanban style).

I would request you to provide better details or we may have a session to discuss this.

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I personally lie JIRA as ALM for anytime of Software because of their ease to create the setup as per my requirement, I am using for more than 8 years now, they keep coming up with something new with every release.

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In my experience, I had the opportunity to use Jira and AzureDevOps and I found that in the last 2 years Microsoft did several great improvements. In my particular opinion, I prefer to use AzureDevOps over Jira with Bitbucket for more practical reasons:

1. AzureDevOps integrates Boards (Atlassian Jira), Repos (Atlassian Bitbucket), CI/CD (Atlassian Bamboo) in one tool.

2. AzureDevOps is more practical to trace work items with commits regarding Atlassian tools.

3. AzureDevOps is easy to use and more companies like banks here in Mexico and Latin America are using more than Atlassian.

Microsoft has been improving AzureDevOps with powerful features the DevOps engineer's life easier and productive.

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it depends - what is your Development Environment ( i e IDE AND Programming languages )
if NET and Microsoft Dev Tools and environment - you can go with AZURE DevOps and GIT for your source Code , and you can plug in with the most used and common devops toolchain products - yes IBM ALM from my personal point of view based on my experience is more powerful, rich and stable. but to utilize the compatibility and end-to-end built-in integration if your teams are MS Experienced go with end to end Azure Devops.

if not MS Based - of course go with IBM ALM

and also consider the TCO/TVO factor

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I recommend Codebeaemer Please get in touch with to know more. 

1) Cost advantage

2) allow customization

3) high degree of project management feature

for more details please contact me

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