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What are pros and cons of Nagios XI vs alternative NPM tools?


I'm working at a Tech Services company and I would like to understand the competitive advantages of Nagios XI vs other Network Performance Monitoring
(NPM) tools.

Can you share your expertise on this topic?

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The biggest question is how much work do you want to do?  With Nagios you have templates to use - so long as you have the same devices, you are good to go.  If you have other devices, then you will need to do some exploring on SNMP and need to look for the OIDs that you need to monitor. 

Nagios is great if you have the time to work with it.  

I have talked with the people at RufusAI and it looks very interesting.  If we not already working on a different product to replace our Solarwinds deployment, RufusAI looks to be a very interesting product.  

Are you looking to monitor just the Network Devices? or are you also wanting to monitor Servers and Applications?   
If you are willing to get your hands dirty -then Nagios is your tool.  Super support as well.  Join the community.  

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Nagios is great because the tool has a lot of plugins, customizable. Nagios installation is easy and the community is very big, first was Nagios Core, which is good because all the development of the community works on Nagios XI too, I worked with options opensource and I had that programed the plugins, Nagios has support.

In other case Nagios is not the development of a big company, when the Monitoring tool is of some companies like Oracle, HP, IBM, etc, They can monitor their equipment only, then you should budget on software and hardware to short or long time.

Another case, Nagios shows you information on quality and quantitative information, therefore, Nagios shows graphics on the behavior of equipment and sends alarms in case of failure.

The hardware for install Nagios is light, include new equipment is easy.

I hope that this information can be useful.

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In Nagios you have to build from templates so more development work and you need to have the knowledge of what you like to monitor. 

Depending on the budget you have options like Dynatrace - a ready-to-go solution. IBM APM or IBM Netcool APM - easy to install and to understand. Netcool more for a large enterprise environment, difficult to install. 

Depending on what you need to monitor, you have also Riverbed or our SaaS solution RufusAI a total solution with cybercentric security built-in.

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Hi @Asher Margolis, can you please share your advice about this product with @Carlos_Gonzalez


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