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What are some of the major benefits of using virtualization?

Hi community professionals,

Many companies are moving towards virtualization. What are some benefits of virtualization and what should companies take into account when deciding whether to virtualize?

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From my point of view with virtualization we can improve hardware usage. For example, normally dedicated server didn't use the full machine resource like memory and CPU, depending for the server it's used around 20% of these resources, but with the virtualized environment we can put more servers running on the same hardware and can increase the memory/CPU usage, looking for the investment we are using better the HW resource instead to use it partially. Of course, that virtualized have more nice benefits like that we can increase the CPU/memory and also use the advantages of the hypervisor to improve the VMs high availability.

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Basically, you have (++) & (--) (advantages and disadvantages)

The main question is maybe how many servers do you want to have (convert PH to Virtual). 

The main goal of virtualization is to share resources among multiple VMs, but if your environment is not big enough, costs (HW and Administration) will be bigger.

I think you need to calculate "performance/optimization" against $$$.


Javier :)

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The benefits of virtualization are many;: from being able to run more virtual machines on a single piece of hardware to easier consolidated management of VM's. Running and managing virtual machines is easier and more cost effective. Options of VMware and Hyper-V offer similar options and licensing options.

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Hi, reducing costs, flexibility in environment management, flexibility in maintenance/service, if good configured - it's possible to achieve zero downtime policy for running systems, flexibility in creating new space for business (new systems/apps etc). It's from my experience point of view.

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