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What are the key factors to select between low-code platforms: Microsoft PowerApps vs ServiceNow?

Hi community,

I am working as a Solution Architect at Australian Catholic University. 

My responsibility is to recommend solutions for the requirements given by business stakeholders. I do a market scan to find solutions that are available off the shelf. Sometimes, it happens that no COTS solution meets the business requirements and then I go for custom development using a low-code platform. ACU has both Microsoft Power Apps and SNOW (ServiceNow) platforms.

My question is on what criteria we should be deciding between the two platforms to recommend for the custom development - like size of application, integration feasibilities, internal or external users, reporting intensive applications, process flows intensive applications, etc. And for the given criteria, which platform between MS Power Apps and SNOW, is most suitable?

In other words, are there any clear guidelines that can help to decide the appropriate platform (MS Power Apps or SNOW) for developing business applications or enterprise applications?



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Hi @Vinod Kanna, @Roland Zuurveld, @Gagan Pattanayak, @Jorge Ambrosio, @Oscar Osorio, @Ram Chenna, @ATHANASSIOS FAMELIARIS ​and 

Can you please share your knowledge with @Naveen Madan ​and help in answering this question? 

Thanks in advance!

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