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What are the latest trends in Security Operations Center (SOC)?

Trends in Security Operations Center (SOC)

Hi community,

We would like to hear your insights on the latest trends in SOC. What are you seeing in the field or forecasting? 

Please share your opinion on how these trends are going to influence the future of the relevant solutions, tools, etc. used in SOC.

Looking forward to hearing your insights,


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My personal experience tells me that SOC will be driven by next-generation platforms that can enable multiple use cases instead of just SIEM. The current SOC with a SIEM approach lacks the following aspects:

1. Data architecture platform which is not built on top of Big Data - which significantly hampers the way data is being processed and correlated. 

2. Capabilities to do anomaly detection to screen out the majority of noises that are being detected.

3. Capabilities to do User and Entity Behavioural Analysis to map against Insider threat.

4. Capabilities to do Threat Hunting easily

We are looking towards an elaborated platform that can perform all these functionalities in a simple yet robust architecture. Instead of focusing on SIEM to solve all the SOC problems, and on the other hand, you will then have to invest in many different solutions to perform those lacking capabilities, managing the disparate platform in a SOC is proven to be very challenging.

Now the trend is shifting towards an Open Platform for Detection and Response - as all of the capabilities can be built into a single platform with off course a significant reduction over the cost of investment. Utilizing AI to reduce the gap of skillsets required to manage and operate the SOC, leading to more effective human resources for managing a more complex threat detection.

I personally recommend SOC platforms like Stellarcyber.ai.

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