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What features should one consider when choosing an ALM suite?

There are many ALM suites available to support the application development lifecycle. What do you think companies should take into account when choosing an ALM suite?

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IMO, if you're trying to do Agile and continuous delivery, ALM may actually not be a good match.  Traditional requirements management should be replaced by customer interviews and backlog grooming.  Test management should be replaced by test automation that's integrated into the pipeline

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@reviewer1558173 check out ALM Octane. It supports waterfall, full agile and hybrid working models. It integrates seamless with other products across the lifecycle also with your DevOps tools.
In my opinion it's actually the best choice to work in an agile and continuous delivery environment.

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ALM suite helps with complete product lifecycle management which includes program and portfolio management, requirements management, test case, bugs management, collaboration-communication. 

ALM suite should have the following features:
1) Requirements import-export- As requirements will be coming from various stakeholders spread across departments
2) Integration - Integration is the key feature as it will help with easily moving data spread across different tools into one suite. This is especially required when you want to move existing data into the ALM suite
3) Inbuilt communication functionality - Again it helps in having all communication data at one place thus helps in eliminating data spillage. 

Some of the top ALM tools worth looking at
1) Inflectra Team - 
2) Xebrio
3) Jama Software
4) IBM Rational Doors Family

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@Rahul Patekar thanks Rahul, this is helpful for our users who are researching ALM suites.

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When we look at ALM platform which should have start to end ALM process like, BRD,PM, CODING, TESTING, BUILD AND Release mgt 

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