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What inexpensive firewall can provide the best performance and protection (food order service)?

Hi community,

I'm in the process of implementing a new ERP. It will allow customers to order (food service) via mobile device. 

  • ~100 to 200 customers. 
  • 10 inside users.
  • 10 outside sales.
  • 2 locations

I'm using SonicWall, VPN and SSL VPN. I'm planning on bringing in VoIP and Fibernode is coming. 

I need a firewall - something easy to learn and not too pricey. 

Please share your recommendations and explain why would you choose it.


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You should take a look at OpnSense. 

Even for small setups, we recommend using dedicated hardware for routing and firewall. The basic firewall should be good enough for your needs but there is an option for Sensei (but we recommend choosing an appropriate server for this as it may require more resources than a small setup). The learning curve is not so steep and you can configure it relatively quickly according to t your needs. You can evaluate the product on a virtual server.

Cisco also has good routers within the ASA platform but the older models have hardware issues. I think the newer ones are better.

author avatarJavier Medina
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@Chirosca Alecsandru OpenSense, pfsense, ufw, there are a lot of opensource alternatives, i have tried many of them, but no one like the sophos UTM home edition

author avatarChirosca Alecsandru
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@Javier Medina I have quite a history implementing firewalls and the most robust one I encountered is the BSD's packet filter (PF). Dealing with BSD/Linux routers can be expensive and troublesome. I recommended OpnSense due it's robust implementation and ease of configuration.
I never used the Sophos solution you mentioned and I will take a look at it. 
CISCO and Fortigate are quite expensive and have issues with passive ports (from my experience) but for standard networks they work fine but need a specialized engineer to set them up and for day to day administration.
I used to like the pfSense but due it's implementation the filesystems get usually  corrupted very easy. 
I am a customer of OpnSense and have no interest in their company, I simply like their work.

author avatarJavier Medina
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@Chirosca Alecsandru try firs the the sophos UTM Home edition, its free version provides most of the features, if you look for robust and stability, this is the best option, i have made many implementation to small bussiness and works just perfect, also web filtering is incredibly amazin, aplication control, vpn, etc... let me know if any help needed.

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Hi @Rick Briggs,

Do you really want to run this by yourself?

If yes, i go with @Javier Medina, give it a try.

If no, look for a "local" hero to run, configure and update the stuff you need.

Why taking a local provider? Because they care maybe more than the big ones.

Thats my brief introduction :).

Have a nice day and stay healthy.



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You should check out FortiGate 100F.

author avatarEvgeny Belenky
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@Ajish Thomas is it free or relatively inexpensive?

author avatarJavier Medina
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@Evgeny Belenky It is very expensive and license is yearly

author avatarAjish Thomas
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@Evgeny Belenky it is equivalent to SonicWall NSA 3700.

author avatarEvgeny Belenky
Community Manager

@Ajish Thomas got you, thanks!

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You can try the Sophos NG firewall (the Home edition) - it's free and you can install it on a local server. 

Try it to see if it suits your needs, also if you need to scale, Sophos can handle it very well and also is far from being expensive.

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@Devanand PR , @Swapnil Talegaonkar , @Manish Nalawade ​and @Oleg Pekar. Based on your expertise, it seems you should be able to share some advice here. Tnx

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