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What is the best for ransomware infection?

What is the best for ransomware infection? 

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Install all security updates, create an incident response plan, use whitelisting to the maximum.

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Look at the ACSC Essential Eight. If you can implement all of these then you will be highly unlikely to get hit by ransomware.

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Proactive: Patch Mgmt Program, Continuos Vulnerability Scanner (search and fix), Monitoring by SOC/NOC or others secutiry tools (like a HIDS or NIDS components).
Reactive: Incident Mgmt Plans categorized and specific by typication, BCP (complete Business Continuity Plan not only Disaster Recover Plans) and, mainly, verified backups tapes/medias (if possible, stored out of company, with continuous restore tests).

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there are different solutions for ransomware these days. Best i have found is trendmicro end point protection for end users since it has a feature of stopping the attack or as soon as it says changes in files , it starts making a back up copy of it , so even if you get infected by ransomware, you still have a good chance to recover your data.

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First - Use Trend Micro

Second - Apply a Backup System similar to TIME MACHINE Apple.

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IPS & Blocking unwanted extensions at gateway level.

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