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What is your experience regarding pricing and costs for Guardicore Centra?


We all know it's really hard to get good pricing and cost information.

Please share what you can so you can help your peers.

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This is not a cheap solution but you have to consider the bigger picture, which is what it is giving you. It provides functionality that is similar in some ways to traditional firewalls and with that considered, it is similar in terms of pricing. In terms of cost-effectiveness, I can say that it's like insurance. You never know the value if it's working properly. To us, if it prevents downtime, it's priceless. Personally, if it's working, I call it 100% success.

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It is not cheap. However, it provides you a good value for what you are buying. In relation to how much it costs, the tool is worth it for the value it gives you.

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They worked with us really aggressively to get the business and we felt we got a pretty fair deal with them. They were really flexible with our limitations on currently available funding versus future funding. They were really nice about restructuring the purchasing contract. We did a "step-in" model where we committed to a three-year deal, but we would pay a small amount in the first year, a little more in the second, and ramp up to full price, year-over-year, by year three. That had to do with money that was available and budgeted for at the time. They were really good at working with us on that. They have been generous with the licensing. We were only supposed to be able to have 200 licenses in the first part of the first year, and then it would ramp up to 600 and then ramp up again to 1,200. But they've assured us, over and over, that they will not complain if we go over any of those limits before those dates. They're just glad to have us as a customer. We're already committed via contract to get up to that 1,200 number and to be paying full price. They've been really flexible with the licensing, with the contracts, and everything else. It was a good experience. And compared to the pricing we were seeing from both Illumio and Edgewise, Guardicore was very competitive. There was a $19,000 upfront cost for the Professional Services engagement, in addition to the licensing, but that was the only extra cost that I'm aware of.

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The pricing is okay. It's good.

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GuardiCore has made some new changes to the license now. We've seen monthly and annual licenses based on a subscription. We have a few clients that pay anywhere from $25,000 a year. The new license is based on what requirements you take. It's very hard to put a cost on it without attaching a cause to the features that you activate. It's unfair to talk about costs without looking at the scenarios. Other than the cost of the licensing, GuardiCore does not integrate well, especially if you have some of the real manufactures. You have no additional licensing costs.

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