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What is your experience regarding pricing and costs for Unitrends?


We all know it's really hard to get good pricing and cost information.

Please share what you can so you can help your peers.

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I think it's a decent platform to go with; I don't have any issues with it. I guess the one thing that I would say is get a bigger unit than what they recommend because if I had done that, I wouldn't need to be upgrading now; I could have stayed with the same size.

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With respect to cost, my advice is to get what you need.

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Unitrends licensing depended on the number of CPUs you had, simple. It was competitive with other products. I think it was around $1000 a CPU a year. We have about 40 CPUs so It was costing us about $40,000 a year — that was our renewal price. I think the initial price may have been more. We didn't buy their hardware. We built our own and deployed their solution on our hardware, which was a blessing and a curse.

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we are satisfied with the pricing and licensing options.

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Licensing costs appear high for hardware devices and software, when compared to other solutions. But in the long run, they're not, because you get free hardware replacement after three or five years. It's not an easy comparison, but it is more cost effective in the long run than most other solutions. You don't need new licensing every year. For hardware devices, you pay a per seat or per call licensing structure. There are no other hidden costs like you have with a lot of other products. The upfront licensing is very simple to understand.

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I have no advice about the pricing of the product.

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You should be aware how much the monthly costs are to use, what the initial costs for hardware are, and what the options to expand are, if needed.

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