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What is your primary use case for Bridgecrew?

How do you or your organization use this solution?

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A lot of the companies that we work with specifically have already had a foundation with Palo Alto, whether they've bought the on-premises solutions or are looking at the cloud side. However, Palo Alto is one of those names that hold a lot of weight in the industry, and they can't really put out a bad product. Being a Palo Alto engineer and having that title specifically has become its own job rec that a lot of companies just are standardizing. A lot of the clients that we interact with are not doing full-fledged SOCs. Most of them have less than 50 people dedicated to their security team. They're relying on third-party consultants to kind of come in and come up with the logic behind it. That's what we typically do from my side. We come up with the logic and then we will recommend someone to actually put the logic in place. The company may hire someone. We're more on the architecture side, however, finding an engineer for a Palo Alto solution is a lot easier than finding one for Carbon Black, for example, even though it is a huge company.

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