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What is your primary use case for CloudHealth?

How do you or your organization use this solution?

Please share with us so that your peers can learn from your experiences.

Thank you!

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Primarily, the end-user gets a perspective of their cloud usage and up-to-date billing. That's one use case. On top of that, there are multiple reports which I use daily, to track usage or to lay out performance optimization and cost optimization.

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CloudHealth is more of a cloud configuration management tool. It ingests and has a read-only account to our AWS or Azure GCP — it's similar to AWS configuration. It configures rules based on AWS best practices or CIS or PCI. It meets all of our APIs in regard to configuration data. It gives them a pass or fail rating and details their severity level. We don't necessarily need to watch it because it takes all of the rules that we're piping to the security hub in AWS. It has a custom rule component where we can create custom rules in AWS config. We can also create custom rules in Cloud Custodian, which is what we prefer for creating custom rules. CloudHealth has some built-in rules, which I think are just based on AWS and CIS, and then it checks for open ports, which is also a good feature.

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We primarily use the solution for some kind of customer management, to monitor health conditions in a GCP. We also provide the A-Labs Asia GCP services to our enterprise client.

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I started looking into this solution because we needed something more to simplify and help manage if you have different vendors with cloud solutions. We looked at the price, as well as what should replace certain things in an easier way that was fast and easy. We use this solution to see how it can create dashboards for different parts of the world.

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