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What is your primary use case for Nutanix Era?

How do you or your organization use this solution?

Please share with us so that your peers can learn from your experiences.

Thank you!

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I use Nutanix to provide managed services for one of the biggest telecom providers. We proved managed services to the customer, including the platform and service as well as VM as a service.

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We needed to migrate all of our Oracle databases to comply with Oracle licensing requirements. That's what led us to get Nutanix hardware because it's an all-in-one: storage, compute, everything. Oracle accepts that. You only have to license the CPUs within that hardware cluster. Since we were going to have to provision all of these new servers and all of these new databases, it seemed like a great time to automate that. That's what Era brought to the table, the automation of server and database provisioning. In addition to that, we were very interested in the one-click patching solution. And to automate things, you have to have a standardized offering of templates for the software, the servers, and the database. We were also looking for that standardization.

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Our primary use case was turnaround time from server deployments, patching, and database restoration. Our main approach was turnaround times on new deployments, patching, and restoring of databases. We can restore a 2TB database in about 45 minutes, if that. It used to take days to do a restore for our warehouse refresh. Now, it is literally taking under an hour, which is a drastic improvement.

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We ran testing for Microsoft SQL and MySQL. For Microsoft SQL, the test case was to do multiple database schema deployments on a single host. Then we had single database schemas on multiple hosts, and we also tested high availability clusters for Microsoft SQL on four host nodes.

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The primary use case is to switch different phases of development, for example, to testing, prediction, etc., which are all quite easy to execute. It's an easy way to switch to one type of development and to use testing and prediction on cloning VM.

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We deploy the solution for companies we work within the areas we cover — like our Minister of Education. They work with a lot of colleges. So we help them to deploy Nutanix in the central data center at the Ministry of Education. The colleges are using the centralized database from their locations as a guest or a cloud entity.

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We are a system integrator and this is one of the solutions that I recently implemented for one of my customers. Their primary use case is managing their database lifecycle.

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